CBD: Another Side of Marijuana Worth Exploring

If there’s one compound related to marijuana you’ve been continuously hearing about, it’s THC. Scientifically known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, it’s the compound in cannabis that gets you high. It’s also one reason why recreational users prefer marijuana. What a majority don’t know is the medical value of the marijuana plant coming to another source: Cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol (or commonly referred to as CBD), is a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana that boats several therapeutic benefits. When available in significant traces, it improves the positive effects of THC while completely removing its negative characteristics. Both compounds (CBD and THC) exist in the marijuana plant for a good reason. Both operate harmoniously with each other.

Growers Perspective

Most marijuana growers years ago realized the THC could be profitable: it gives users an unforgettable euphoric and “floating” feeling. To enhance THC traces, CBD has been bred in many strains, which gave recreational users a psychoactive sense (not considered to be healthy), especially for individuals suffering from pre-existing mental problems.

Fortunately, the growers’ perspective is starting to change. Latest research studies indicate CBD to be an essential component of the plant and medical marijuana dispensaries are now concentrating on strains, tinctures, oils, and edibles with high CBD contents.


Worth Looking Into

Here are some things to keep in mind as to why CBD is much more preferable than THC.


  1. Reverses alcohol-based brain damage

Based on the latest study, CBD is capable of making psychological changes, which can help offset damage triggered by long-term alcoholism. That same study found that using CBD for treatment led to almost 50% in reduction in entorhinal cortex neurodegeneration. Recreational users can attest to this since a few tokes have led to hangover relief. Altogether, this has pushed the potential of Cannabinoids to an entirely different level.


  1. Effective anti-anxiolytic

A lot of people say they find anxiety relief through marijuana, while some say otherwise. It would seem that CBD could be the deciding factor. A study made at determining the impact of CBD on social anxiety in public speaking showed that that given CBD treatment saw a massive reduction in stress, discomfort, and cognitive disability during their speech.

Meanwhile, the placebo group saw increased levels of discomfort and anxiety. Scientists believe CBD holds several medical benefits compared to traditional social anxiety treatments. Anti-depressants are never a good option since they tend to have a quick efficiency offset and possess side effects and withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Switches off metastatic cancer gene

Scientists in California observed that CBD switches off a critical gene that triggers cancer cells to spread. Such finding adds further credibility to surmounting evidence that CBD is one of the best alternatives a cancer patient can opt for, regardless if it’s for relieving symptoms or for complete prevention. It also makes the study more enjoyable. Many are wondering if best CBD oils for cancer can offset carcinogens seen in smoke. Could CBD be the best anti-cancer solution yet?


  1. Antipsychotic properties

A Germany-based clinical trial found CBD to be potent in schizophrenia treatment as an antipsychotic medication with far lesser side effects. This further pushes the relationship it has with marijuana since THC is known for causing psychosis at high dosages. CBD offsets the negative aspects of TH and should be the main focus of an individual with a history of mental illness.


  1. Legal today

It’s a fact. Anyone can now purchase a CBD-based item in the United States. It can be bought legally and safely in your home. CBD can now be consumed in the form of edibles, tinctures, oil, capsules, gum, and lotion.

If you’re currently suffering from long-term pain, stress, anxiety, or desire to take measures against cancer, it could be a good idea to give CBD a go.