A Brief Introduction to Shakti ChalanaKriya

Shakti ChalanaKriya is one of the programs offered by the Isha Foundation, a non-profit, spiritual foundation that was founded by SadhguruJaggiVasudev in 1992. The foundation essentially teaches Isha Yoga under their Isha Yoga Program that aims to raise human consciousness through individual transformation.

According to Healthy-Approach.com, Shakti ChalanaKriya is a comprehensive program that includes the practice of pranayama and Shoonya meditation.  Individuals who want to fully realize a healthy and meaningful life should seriously consider participation in the Isha Yoga Program. Shakti ChalanaKriya is taught once other types of yoga are completed by participants. In addition, only the Isha Foundation practice this discipline, thus it is imperative for those who want to experience Shakti ChalanaKriya to immerse themselves full in the Isha Yoga Program.

For those who have mastered other forms of Yoga and have advanced skill set, being in command of the mind and spirit is considered the toughest. This is where the necessity Shakti ChalanaKriya enters.  This program is a combination of pranayama and Shoonya meditation.

  • Prayama

In essence, pranayama means total control of breath. In Hindu culture, Prana or breath is a vital energy needed by the body. It represents pure energy that is responsible for sustaining life. On the other hand, Ayama directly translates to control. Pranayama is not only being used in the practice of ShaktaChalanaKriya, but also used in tandem with other Yoga disciplines such as in the case of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.

For those who wish to try Shakti ChalanaKirya, there are five types of prana that you need to master:

  • Prana
  • Vyan
  • Udana
  • Samana
  • Apana

The mastery of Pranayama emphasizes the importance of proper breathing in the yoga practice. A host of imbalances and problems can arise from improper breathing techniques, and this Yogis stress the importance of learning Pranayama early on a Yogi’s journey to Shakti ChalanaKriya.

  • Shoonya Meditation

The word, Shoonya directly translates to nothingness. In a state of nothingness, the elements of consciousness, ego, and the mind stops temporarily. The mind and spirit is centered on two things- consciousness and prana or breath. When properly executed, shoonya helps a practitioner to reach the state of Nirvana that which means freedom from the bondage of life and mind. This is the ultimate objective of all Hindus that practice Yoga- that all activities of the body and the mind are on perfect standstill.

People who practice Shakti ChalanaKriya are those who have had years of experience in different disciplines of Yoga. The transformation of self is not complete without cultivating the mind. The body is a temple of the spirit that needs to be taken care of, and to be honest, is an easier facet of oneself to improve. The mind and spirit on the other hand are complex in that one needs to be in a good physical and spiritual disposition to enter a higher state of consciousness.

The practice of Shakti ChalanaKriya takes months, even years to accomplish. There is continuous development of the body while you practice the program under the Isha Foundation. Once the program has been complete, Yogis then proceed to achieving higher meditative states with the use of other disciplines such as Samyama program and Hatha Yoga.