Choosing a Physiotherapist over a chiropractor

Some may say this is a controversial post but if you’ve ever wondered why you should choose a Physio over a chiropractor here’s why.

Physiotherapy for sports

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is purely about movement to enable the body to heal. Many athletes will have their own personal therapist whose job it will be to look for signs of impending injuries or to prevent them before they worsen which could lead to time out of action. Mike Squirrell who is one of London and the UK’s leading physiotherapists runs a practice Harley Street Physiotherapy whom looks after many top athletes.

Physiotherapy for pregnancy

This doesn’t apply to all physiotherapists but many specialist physiotherapists will be trained to help with post and pre natal pregnancy pain. Chiropractic can also be used but it not currently prescribed by GP’s in the UK.

Physio for back pain

Less invasive than a chiropractic adjustment and considered safer by many GP’s, Physiotherapy can be used to help both acute and chronic back pain sufferers without the risk of any further damage.

The main difference between a chiropractor and a physio

A chiropractor usually conducts their treatment based on X-rays where-as physiotherapy will usually look at a broader approach of studying a patient’s movement patterns, stability, core strength, posture and alignment. Physiotherapy treatment is also a bit less dramatic without all the “cracks and crunches” compared to chiropractic when it comes to treating the back.