CMC Mohali: – Fighting for Nutrition & Childhood Cancer

According to statistics, more than 175, 000 children per year are diagnosed with one of the worst diseases, cancer and about 96,000 of them end their lives fighting with it. In developed cases, the mortality rate is approximately 20 percent while in poor countries; it is very close to 90 percent. Well, studies also reveal that the reason behind such a significant difference is the lack of proper resources which include expertise and medical treatments as well.

Progress in childhood cancer is one of the biggest achievements for India in the past few years. The mortality rate has reduced by a considerable number today. Although we have made a steady progress, yet we are still behind in the race. It is therefore imperative to examine the situation deeply and focus on research and education of this problem deeply.

Well, this will definitely help in curbing the problem to a great extent in the coming future. However, if it is assisted by some precautionary measures by the patient himself, treating the problem from scratch would not be a daunting job any more, any this can be ensured by following a proper Ayurveda nutrition plan. If the body of the patient will have necessary elements to boost the immunity of the immune system, it would not take much time to get rid of the disease and live a healthy life ever after.

The goals of nutrition care for children suffering from cancer are to ensure healthy living. However, due to certain nutrition-related problems, it is not that easy to reach these goals.

  • Children with cancer associated with digestive tract often lack in proper nutrition as they are not in a normal condition to consume the required diet.
  • Cancer related treatments like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation also leads to poor appetite, constipation, diarrhea, etc.
  • Chewing and swallowing problems are quite common as their esophagus become dry and sore due to the problem.
  • Sense of taste also changes in many cases, eventually because of which children lose interest in the food that they sometime liked.

Since it is difficult but not an impossible task to meet the proper nutrition diet in cancer patients, we can ensure this by following the below mentioned points.

  • When the patient is too sick, not in condition to eat or drink much the best way is to give him or her favorite food or drink. Do not try to force if your child does not like and try to get the eatables that your child likes the most.
  • In case, your child is suffering from poor appetite conditions, make sure he or she eats six times a day, for sure. Add high amounts of ingredients that render energy and fat to your child. It is good not to force the patient, but you should try your best that the child finished whatever he has started to eat.
  • In many cases, nutritional supplements also help a lot in meeting the essential nutrition requirements. So, you can even get these ones.

No doubt, the above mentioned things will help your child to come out of the worst phase of his life, yet you have ascertain that a positive, healthy and a happy environment is set beside him so that he always gets that positive energy to fight the problem with his greatest strength.