Cool Tips And Tricks For Smoking Hookah

If you want to smoke cool hookahs then here are a couple of tips and tricks for impressing your friends.

  • A very neat trick of getting cool hookahs smoking is to place the dry hookah Hose in the freezer for 20 – 45 minutes before smoking. This will make it cool and nice when you smoke. It is however only recommend for Cobra and Syrian hoses as Nammors aren’t designed for the cold temperatures.
  • For sweeter and more flavorful smoke, addition of some wine onto the top of the two inches of water at the base of hookah is a cool trick. This way you can taste the wine.
  • For some fun experimenting mixing and matching flavors is the way to go for creating the ultimate flavor. Mix “mint” with some other flavors for getting a cool and refreshing taste.
  • For blowing the ultimate small rings by your mouth here is a secret. Push smoke in your mouth outwards with the help of your tongue; all the while make the smallest and inaudible puff from the lungs. This will help in pushing only some of the smoke out, so it will create a ring.
  • Put 1/3 soda which is mixed with water and then use a “cola flavored” shisha tobacco. It will really enhance the cola taste.
  • Mix mint with Arabic coffee/ cappuccino for a flavored tobacco. Also, instead of the water put iced coffee along with a bit of milk. This will enhance the cappuccino i.e. the Arabic coffee flavor.
  • Mix orange juice, lemon juice, or any other flavor in the water of your glass base. It enhances the taste of the hookah’s smoking experience. You can also use the fruit skins at the base for any other added advantages.
  • For storing your shisha tobacco at the room temperature you must keep in mind that it should be placed in an airtight container like tupperware, zip lock bag, jar, etc. This will help in keeping the tobacco from drying up along with it prevents it from losing its flavor.
  • If you tobacco gets dry then don’t get worried as it can easily be rejuvenated when you marinate it with fruit preserves like the organic jam and marmalade and then you can refrigerate it for like a few hours. You can even marinate the fresh tobacco with jams for mixing flavors. However, be careful and don’t overload the jam and be sure to concentrate on only the fruity bits.