Emu oil as insect repellant – Say goodbye to those irritating insects!

Emu oil is considered to provide multiple benefits at a time. They are derived from a flightless bird found in Australia. The fatty acids present in the oil composition have the quality to work as a miracle. It has been proved to be a pain healer and can be used for a variety of medical purposes. It is also used as insect repellant. It can be applied on the skin and helps to stay away from insects. This can also be used for applying on the cloths and surfaces which is vulnerable of the insect approach. This discourages the insect form approaching the surface and hence keeps the insect away.

Insect repellent necessity

There are many products which can be used as an insect repellent other than this emu oil. But most of the creams and repellants have an adverse effect on the human skin. Emu oil is natural insect repellant to use and causes no such harm. They have the composition that is very natural to the skin, also they have the lipids that match with human skin. So these refined oil can be absorbed very easily by the skin. Insect can cause major harm, and also have the potential to spread disease like malaria, dengue fever, plague and flea. So you need a good insect repellent to deal with it. An insect repellent that is helpful in controlling these kind of disease as well as doesn’t have any side effect. Only emu oil and products are genuinely natural, so they can avoid the continuous flocking of insects as well as they do not harm much of the skin tissue.

It works very well as a moisturizer. This has been discovered in Australia and now a days it is popular all over the world. Successful uses of this has been proved its miracle property and also studies and research behind this support well for this oil.  It can be also used as the pail healer, if applied for 6 to 12 hours it can be used to heal the swelling part and reliefs from pain. It is helpful in many other issues with skin, like healing from sun burn, stretch marks. You may get sun burns with the continuous exposure to the sun. With the help of this oil, you can reduce the sun burns too. This has helped a lot with wrinkle issue, skin damaged after surgery or injury. It can be even used for the treatment of acne.