HCG Diet: Is It for You?

HCG-Diet-300x300You have heard about various diet fads that can make you lose weight very fast. HCG diet is one of them.

You want to know more about this weight loss plan and you are doing your homework of browsing on this topic and reading articles that will tell you how it is done.

What is HCG Diet?

This diet plan will require you to eat within a 500 calorie limit daily. There are various HCG menus from which you can choose from.

It involves different phases depending on the protocol that your doctor follows. Is eating not more than 500 calories daily safe for you?

500 Calorie Limit

You can survive having a low calorie diet for several weeks and months. Is it for long term? That answer is a big “NO”.

HCG diet allows you to trim down fast yet its protocol can only be followed within a short span of time. When you content yourself with a 500 calorie intake a day, you allow your system to burn body fat for energy.

This is why you are likely to lose a lot of weight for sure.

However, the downside of HCG diet is that it may deprive you of the essential nutrients your system needs. Think of the different nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that you will be depriving your body of.

Those various HCG diet menus are available to keep your system properly working, nutritional deficiency is not uncommon.

Getting Injected with HCG

What does HCG stands for? These three letters stand for “human chorionic gonadotropin”. This hormone derived from the placenta of pregnant mothers regulates hormone production for a developing embryo.

It can affect the synthesis and release of hormones in your body when you get a shot of synthetic HCG. In turn, you can stifle your appetite and adhere to a low calorie diet for weight loss’ sake.


There are some health experts who believe that the synthetic form of HCG does not cause significant changes in weight loss promotion. It does not curve appetite according to some.

You can cause hormonal fluctuations by getting HCG injection specifically on the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Health experts warn you of the risks of developing ovarian cysts and tumor growths in getting shots of the synthetic hormone. Cancer is definitely a concern in such case.

What HCG Diet Advocates Say

You may have heard about fascinating weight loss testimonies about HCG diet. HCG advocates such as doctors who offer services to their clients using such diet plan protocol believe that indeed this method of losing weight is effective.

Taking different HCG menus will prevent nutritional deficiencies to occur. This type of weight loss plan needs close supervision by an HCG Diet specialist. You may need to have clinic visits for your progress to be monitored, to get shots of synthetic HCG and for health reasons.

Must you try this diet fad? You are to decide on this matter. Weigh the benefits and the risks you may get from HCG diet.