Hot Tubs And Other Alternative Treatments; How They Can Help With Type 2 Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 which is caused by genetic factors or when an infection or virus causes an auto-immune response and results in the insulin producing cells in the pancreas being destroyed. It is usually diagnosed in people under 40 and cannot be prevented. Type 2 can be caused by being very overweight, particularly those who have excess fat around their abdominal area, or extremely inactive and genetic factors as well. It results in the body failing to make enough insulin or becoming resistant to the insulin and happens most frequently in those over 40, with men being more prone to it than women.

Type 2 Diabetes is preventable and there are many factors that can contribute to it. Drinking heavily is one of them, and having an excess of body fat is another so a change in lifestyle is one of the recommended ways of helping to treat it.

The first thing a doctor will do is prescribe medication to reduce the glucose levels in the blood stream, however diabetes is one of those conditions that can’t be cured but can be managed effectively if a sensible approach is taken.

Losing weight is also an obvious thing to do so adopting a healthy eating habit would be a step in the right direction.

In recent years other alternative forms of treatment have become much more popular, including the use of hot tubs to bring the disease under control. We recently discovered, when talking to the team behind Vita Spa hot tubs that this fantastic lifestyle product is effective in a number of ways. They can be helpful when losing weight as the body reacts in the same way as it does to exercise but without the stress and exertion it can cause. They can also lower blood sugar levels and improve sleep patterns and have been found to reduce the need for high doses of medication in many cases. So, with a combination of treatments it is usually possible to treat this type of diabetes effectively.