How Many Vitamins Does The Body Need For Dental Health

Half of the adult population is experiencing different kinds of problems with gums and teeth and one of the most common ones is bleeding gums. High quality nutrition, better dental hygiene and awareness of the importance of maintaining dental health, will contribute to protect the health of your teeth. If you are looking for a quality dentist, read more about hawthorne village dentistry.

You need to know that when it comes to healthy teeth, the effect of the toothpaste is perhaps the least important thing. The combination of appropriate supplements can help you have healthy gums and teeth. Dental caries is caused by the decomposition of sugars in the oral cavity, thereby forming acid which is corrosive to the dental enamel. Sugar, candy and other sugary snacks are the main culprits for this, but carbohydrates cause the same problems, especially foods that are sticky and build up in the area between the teeth.

Problems with gums are also very common in adults. In fact, almost 90% of the population has experienced problems with gums at least once. Gum disease is causing same problems responsible for dental caries, plaque or bacterial plaque. If plaque is deposited on the teeth, it can cause erosion of enamel and cause teeth injury. If, however, it appears along the gum line, it can cause irritation and infection which can lead to gum recession, or their separation from the teeth. In severe cases, the gums and surrounding tissue may also be infected, so that one or more teeth should be removed.

Aging causes losing of bone tissue, that can then lead to the creation of dental problems. The teeth are attached to the jawbone that time, as well as other bones in the body, becomes thinner, due to which the stability of the teeth decreases. It’s nothing unusual that teeth become loose due to changes in the jawbone, leaving a free space, exposed to infections. Gums are very sensitive and they can easily get injured if you are not taking a good care of them.

In addition, to the aging process in humans, one can frequently develop dry mouth syndrome, in which case the mouth produces less saliva, which can also be harmful to the teeth. If you didn’t know, saliva is very important when it comes to the cleaning of teeth. There are some studies and researches that show how saliva protects the mouth and teeth of infection by washing every tooth and reducing the possibility of bacteria from sticking to the teeth, as well as the fight against bacteria. These compounds also protect the enamel of the outside influences. If you do not produce enough saliva, the risk of developing tooth decay and infection is much higher. So, as you can assume by now, saliva is very important to have healthy teeth.

How many vitamins are important for dental health?

Vitamin C and bioflavonoid – Vitamin C and bioflavonoids work together in the recovery of the damaged tissue, and may help strengthen the gums.

Folic Acid – This B-vitamin that is good for many other things, proved to be as great to relieve inflammation of the gums.