How The Pandemic Has Affected Addicts

No one could have expected the endless onslaught of problems that the pandemic has wrought upon the everyday lives of people worldwide. People from all walks of life have felt the effects of this pandemic, whether you’re a barista in small town Pennsylvania, or work as an addiction counselor at detox centers in Philadelphia.

People on the path of recovery from addiction are perhaps suffering the most in developed countries right now, with the many services they rely on being shut-down, and access to their social support being limited to video calls.

How It Has Affected Physical Health

Not only is the pandemic influencing individuals’ ability to remain in a state of recuperation right now, but also COVID-19 itself is hazardous to people who have harmed their immunity and fundamental organs through maltreatment of medications, alcohol, and illegal drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse expressed that COVID-19 represents a genuine danger to smokers and those with substance compulsion issues.

Mental Health Effects

All individuals with detrimental psychological conditions will be feeling the impact this pandemic has on their day by day lives, and those with addiction issues need to give a valiant effort to proceed with the recuperation cycle. Some basic things that can help can be eating healthier food, practicing mindful exercises such as yoga and meditation, and keeping up a sound rest cycle. Likewise, restricting access to news and online media, which could be considered triggering will help, and looking for data from confided in sources.

Getting Substance Abuse Treatment During The Lockdown

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has declared that because of the different negative impacts that COVID-19 is as of now having on society, it is significant for addiction treatment to stay available while giving a protected and safe environment for patients and staff.

Inpatient Treatment

Numerous inpatient treatment projects will in any case be open all through this time, and have new guidelines to guarantee the security of their staff and patients. These standards change depending on where you are, in case you’re investigating recovery centers in PA, you will be screened cautiously, and your temperature normally observed during your stay.

Outpatient Treatment

Many outpatient treatments focus’ have moved to Telehealth administrations, offering directions via means of video or calls. Similarly, as with inpatient administrations, numerous PA’s recovery outpatient administrations are as yet offering their administrations, using screening and testing when important to ensure patients and staff the same safety.

Virtual 12-Step Meetings

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) have compiled a list of virtual recovery resources which can be used during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While considering the entirety of this can appear to be overwhelming, remember that we will beat this. Make sure to be caring to the individuals around you during this trying time.


I hope this article has been a useful insight into the effects that this pandemic has had on those who have an addiction, and those in recovery. May it grant you the motivation you need to seek help for your own problems, or seek advice for those around you.