How Will the New FDA Regulations Affect Vapor Pens?

Currently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is working on the first-ever regulations to govern the sale and marketing of electronic cigarette products. Everyone involved from vaporizer pen users to manufacturers to retailers are anxiously awaiting news from the FDA regarding the issue. While we don’t know for sure what the FDA will do to regulate the ecig industry, the administration did release some preliminary guidelines back in 2014.

Key Points of the Proposed Regulations

Some of the basic points of the proposed FDA regulations include:

  1. Age Restrictions. The FDA is likely to set a minimum age of 18 on the purchase of e-cig products. Individual states will have the option to set a higher minimum age if they wish.
  1. Restrictions on Promotions. With the new regulations in place, ecig manufacturers will likely not be able to give out free samples of their products.
  1. Transparency. Hookah pen manufacturers will likely have to disclose a full listing of all of the ingredients found in their vapor pen products and e juice liquids.
  1. Labeling. E-cig manufacturers will likely have to put messaging on their packaging that states that products that contain nicotine can be addictive.

What Is Missing from the Proposed Vaporizer Pen Regulations

When you compare the proposed e-cig regulations with the restrictions that govern the sale of tobacco cigarettes, you can see some major differences, and there are items missing from the proposed rules that some anti-tobacco groups have been pushing for. Namely, the proposed regulations do not: 

– Restrict Advertising Methods. Many concerned parent groups and anti-tobacco groups are calling for a ban on advertising electronic cigarette products online, on the radio, and on television. In the proposed regulations, the FDA made no mention of any restrictions on where ecig manufacturers can choose to advertise their products.

– Restrict the Use of Vapor Pens. Some groups are advocating a ban on the use of vaporizer pen products in public places like restaurants, schools, and work places. The FDA’s proposed regulations do not include any wording regarding restrictions on using hookah pen vaporizers in public places.

– Ban Flavored E Juice. There are critics of vapor pens who believe that it should be illegal for electronic cigarette manufacturers to offer nicotine juices with pleasing flavors, such as e liquids that taste like fruits or desserts. This is because the critics believe that these flavored nicotine liquids appeal to kids. The FDA did not make any statements regarding flavored liquids in their regulations.

It’s important to note that federal regulations are just one piece of the regulatory puzzle. Individual states and local areas like cities and counties can pass stricter laws that go beyond the FDA’s regulations.