Increase The Intake Of Fluid, Steaming, Juicing And Hot Drinks To Avoid Flu And Cold

Cold is one of the common issues with everyone especially in winter. Cold cannot be cured, but there are various remedies that can help a individuals like,

  • Fluid
  • Steaming
  • nose blowing
  • Rest
  • Juicing
  • hot drinks
  • Water with gargle



When an individual is having congestion then they should increase the intake of fluids because intake of juice and water can help an individual to prevent dehydration. Fluids like,

  • Water,
  • sports drink,
  • herbal tea
  • fruit drink
  • chicken corn soup

All the above fluid items can help an individual to hydrate them apart from these an individual should avoid the intake of coffee. Cold drink and any caffeine drink because they may dehydrate an individual.


Steaming can be helpful for an individual when they are having flu or cold because steam ease the dripping nose and congestion apart from that an individual can also easily buy the humidifier.

Nose blowing

An individual should blow their nose more often especially when an individual is having cold. The best way to blow nose is pressing nose with a finger over the nostril while an individual blow another nostril. Blowing nose in an inappropriate way can cause earache.


Resting is very important when an individual is having cold or flu because flu or cold is usually caused due to poor immune system therefore relaxing and sitting down is important

Salt water gargle

Warm salt water with gargle is important because it helps an individual to heal the tickle and scratchy throat.

Hot drinks

When an individual is having flu or cold an individual should increase the intake of hot drinks because hot drink helps an individual to get rid from the congestion. A hot drink also helps an individual to hydrate the body.


Juice of different types of vegetables and fruits help an individual to prevent them from dehydration. There are many websites online that are providing individual full information related to the juicing, to prevent the cold and flu. is one of the famous website for information related to juicing and the different recipes for juicing. Juicing help the body to stay fit as most of the juices are of vegetables and fruits that are light for the stomach and some of the fruits are beneficial for the individual like oranges are famous for vitamin C and apple is great for the digestion. Juices like,

  • lemon ginger burn,
  • ginger and orange juice,
  • blackberry, kiwi and pear juice,
  • pineapple, pear and peach
  • ,pomegranate, lemon and kale

These 5 juices are awesome, tasty and delicious.