Is Prolotherapy The Best Treatment For Knee Pain?

Knee pains and Osteoarthritis are becoming very common with the amount of work man is trying to do. As age increases these problems are becoming more frequent and the conventional medicine seems not to provide the right solution. People are looking into alternatives like prolotherapy in Mississauga where the treatment does not require surgery or medicine. However, there are many doubts in the minds of the people and rightly so, as any alternative form of medicine is doubted initially. But, it should be remembered that prolotherapy is in practices from the late 1950s and is gaining immense popularity in the modern world.

Knee problems and prolotherapy

The treatment of prolotherapy involves administration of injections into the area of injury or pain. The injection contains irritant solution that helps in activating the natural healing system of the body. The Regenera prolotherapy treatment can take care of even chronic musculoskeletal injury with the help of irritant solution and expertise of the doctor. With the help of inflammatory reactions and the neural responses of the body it becomes possible for the knees to work as they were. The following knee problems can be healed by the doctors at prolotherapy clinics Mississauga:

  1. Degenerative Arthritis
  2. Meniscal Injury
  3. Osgood-Schlatter disease
  4. Tendonitis
  5. Anterior cruciate ligament injury
  6. Coronary ligament sprain
  7. Medial collateral sprain
  8. Pes Anserinus Tendonitis
  9. Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  10. Patellar Tendonopathy

The above mentioned knee related problems are only a few of the ailments that can be successfully treated with the help of prolotherapy. As the treatment process is non-surgical and asks little time of the patient, it is becoming the most popular treatment for knee pains.

Cartilage Regeneration

Knee pains are often associated to the degeneration of the cartilage. It is the common reason for the many knee problems in human beings. It is proven that by undergoing treatment of prolotherapy in Mississauga, the cartilage can be regenerated.

The inflammatory action of the natural solution used will act as irritants. As a result, the cartilage cells will convert in to chondroblasts to encounter the irritants. The converted cartilage cells [chondroblasts] are capable of healing and growing. The cell proliferation capability of these cells would increase the volume of cartilage in the area; thereby restoring the knee. The patient can clearly see through X-rays that there is development of cartilage and there would be substantial improvement in volume when one compares the X-rays before the first session and the last session.


Clinical trials done on the effectiveness of prolotherapy indicated that prolotherapy is highly effective. The McMaster University of Ontario validated the research done and have acknowledged the use of prolotherapy for knee pains. In the research, people who were undergoing prolotherapy claimed that within 4-5 weeks their pains gradually decreased. Further, there was considerable decrease in the frequency of occurrence of pain. The research that took years of observation finally concluded that 90% of the prolotherapy cases were effective and there were no adverse effects of the treatment.


When there is a need for surgery people can avert it with the help of this alternative treatment offered by prolotherapy clinics Mississauga. As there are no side effects and the session time is less, prolotherapy is the best treatment for chronic knee pains.