Keto Diet: Your Final Weight Loss Diet

A ketogenic diet isn’t at all a new idea. It has been around for some years. It’s quite the same with the Atkins diet. Also, you will find the South Beach and the Paleo diet very similar to this type of a diet. Ketogenic diets are primarily three types- Targeted, cyclical and standard. All these three (3) types are very similar to each other. The only difference lies in the timings as well as the limits of the consumption of carbohydrate.


Keto diet explained in this post. Going through this post will surely assist you to understand the whole process which will help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle of the body.

How does it really work?

This is similar to other diet and also compels your body to go into ketosis. Now, in this process, your fats in place of carbs are burnt to create the needed amount of energy. An individual who would like to follow a ketogenic diet needs to take a high amount of fat and an adequate amount of protein as well.

The carbohydrate consumption has to be very less. When you take in lesser amount of carb the body is not able to utilize it for producing energy. Therefore, the fat cells available there tend to break up as well as produce the amount of energy that’s required by your body.

How do you follow a ketogenic diet?

It helps in balancing the ratios of macronutrient in the body. Ketogenic diet lets you consume food and so the chances of you munching are considerably decreased. Following this diet assists you to consume filling food with a lesser carb. Limiting carbohydrate consumption will reduce the amount of calorie intake which will thereby decrease your weight.

Four Benefits of Ketogenic Dieting

1. Burning of fat as fuel

Ketosis usually occurs during emergencies in which the glucose of the body stores is down to nearly zero. When ketosis is induced, you’re assisting your body remove excess fat by allowing it to directly convert fat into energy.

2. More energy

When the body gets used to making and using ketones as the primary source of energy, you’ll have more energy than before. Since you no longer depend on carbs, you’ll no longer experience any kind of crashing.

Also, there’s a sense of euphoria that takes place when high energy kicks in as well as eliminate what we are called “brain fog” which makes you to clearly think.

3. Appetite suppressant

Now, a ketogenic diet is going to make you feel full longer because it enhances satiation or getting a “full” feeling for longer while a high carbohydrate diet does the opposite. As you consume less, you are more likely to lose weight.

4. Assists in treating Type 2 Diabetes

Now, when you have too much sugar, it is stored in the body’s cells with the help of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. The sole purpose of insulin is to make sure your blood isn’t saturated with blood glucose. There’s to say, if the body is not able to create sufficient insulin or if you are eating more sugar compared to the amount of insulin you are producing, the risk of getting diabetes is considerably higher.