What You Need to Know About Sleeping Pills

You have a chronic problem with sleeping and your doctor prescribed you with a sleeping pill. You want to know more about these drugs because you are worried of their side effects.

These drugs are known to enhance sleep effectively but what are the expected risks that may come with using them?

Sleeping Pill Use

You are regularly having trouble with dozing off or getting enough sleep (insomnia). You can set an appointment with your doctor and discuss factors that may be preventing you to fall asleep.

There are various treatments available for sleep disorders yet it is vital that you treat the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms (sleep pattern disturbance).

Treatments may vary on what is causing insomnia. Cognitive or behavioral therapy can be African Development Corporation the solution to your problem. Though sleeping pills are not the solution to your illness, they can help you to get enough rest and revitalize your system as you get treated of a certain medical problem.

Prescription Drugs

There are some drugs that require a prescription from your doctor. Seeing your doctor prior using sleeping pills may prevent unwanted effects of the drug such as dependence and tolerance.

You may have underlying health conditions such as hepatic and kidney diseases that may not warrant the use of a sleeping pill like hypnotics.


Today, sleeping pills (prescription drugs) work effectively in enhancing sleep without the unwanted effects. Yet risks remain, especially when you have medical conditions that may be aggravated by such drugs (kidney and liver disease).

Always talk to your doctor prior using these drugs for insomnia.

Safe Use of sleeping Pills

They can make you either fall asleep faster or sleep longer. Some drugs can give you both benefits.

Your doctor will ask you series of questions to identify what you need. Sometimes you have to try different prescription sleeping agents before finding the one that can best help your case.

Some are available as generic drugs which are less expensive that the branded ones. It is always good to ask your doctor if you can use the generic form of the sleeping pill or stick with what he prescribed you. It pays to always ask. Be practical!


These drugs are known to be prescription sleeping agents. There are two forms of this drug, the benzodiazepine and non-benzodiazepine hypnotics.

They are more likely to cause dependence and tolerance. However, using them properly as prescribed will help you prevent the unwanted effects. There are certain risks to using this type of sleeping pills because it can be habit-forming.

Risks for accidents are also possible because they can cause decreased alertness. However, your doctor knows best. The use of this drug needs an expert’s judgment and approval.

You think that you have exhausted all means to get enough sleep. This is the reason why you found a need to see your doctor.

Using sleeping pills as recommended will serve you with the health benefits and prevent the risks that may come with using them.