Neo Graft Hair Transplant

There has been tremendous amount of stress in recent years, or say buzz has been created in hair transplant industry for one of the procedure known as Follicular Unit Extraction commonly known as FUE, it is a process that removes hair of the donor which has to be used for transplant process, literally one graft at a time. This process has already gained popularity for many reasons, not the least being the fear that many patients have the strip excision for harvesting donor hair in spite knowing the fact that strip excision is a gold standard for the procedure to many patients who are fearful of potential scarring.

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It is totally true that you can get your own hair back to style it or to keep it in whatever fashion you want and you can get that entire great and cool look with Neo graft procedure. The best candidate for this procedure is both men as well as women, all those who suffer from genetic hair loss. NeoGraft is the least invasive procedure for hair transplantation and there is minimal down time. It is a quick and easy procedure for growing your own hair naturally; many of the patients are capable of resuming their daily activity within few days after undergoing treatment with NeoGraft.

Do you know what Neograft hair transplant is?

Neo graft is a machine that is used for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hand headed surgical device that extracts follicular unit from the donor and it implants them in to the recipient area through air pressure or by the suction based system.

This machine is partially automatic; however it is not a robotic system.

It is an instrument which does not have the precision for computer driven image guided system.

Difference between FUE and Neo graft hair transplant:-

It is very important to understand what the main difference between both the procedures is.

With hair transplant technique you should harvest hair from the donor area from back of the scalp

The only difference is how to harvest the hair.

Rest of the transplant process is the same.

A very specialized tool is used in FUE process to extract the graft and the tool used is totally dependent on surgeons and patients preference.

NeoGraft is an automated complete harvesting system in the market that has NO TOUCH implantation technology.

How Neograft works?

It is a device that is applied on the scalp where it separates grafts from the surrounding donor’s tissue with a rotating sharp punch which is connected with a suction unit.

Once the dissection of upper part is done the suction then pulls the graft out and separates it from the remaining tissue.

As the graft is still attached at the base, suction can remove the protective tissue that surrounds the portion of graft and shears it

As graft is still at its base, attached with the scalp it results with the increase in graft fragility and higher risk of drying which may cause mechanical trauma in extraction and final step of FUE procedure and graft placement.

This process does not require a technician to remove the graft manually from the scalp.  Graft should be exposed to moving dry air that is continually rushing through the tubing and the chamber. Continuously adding the graft may further increase the risk of injury from desiccation.

At a time 50 graft are extracted from the scalp through manual excision and suction, harvested graft are placed after the collection chamber is opened it is then placed in petri dish that contain saline holding solution

Recipient sites, where the grafts are placed they are harvested and created in donor area of the scalp using the traditional instruments such as needle or scalpel.

Using Neograft in the placement phase, small extracted graft are removed from the holding solution and the second arm of neograft machine is used for drawing the graft

Once at a time graft are sucked into the needle tipped device and they are injected individually

They are then individually injected into the needle tipped device.

Using an air pressure they are individually injected into the recipient sites because the graft are literally pushed, where there is no way to assure that they are fixed in proper position, or whether its base of each follicle is folded or not.

Its limitation:-

The suction function of NeoGraft machine introduces two risks that is not present with manual or more advanced robotic FUE:-

The procedure of suction has the tendency to strip the tissue surrounded from the lower portion of the grafts during their removal, or exposing them to drying the injury

Flow of dry air is continuously created by vacuum around the harvested graft by further exposing it to dry injury.

After the development of NeoGraft instrument number of innovative ideas in the feild of hair transplantation has been generated where there are various aspects of design which compromises graft survival.