Next generation DNA test to prevent diseases now in India

Genomic testing is a boon for the population of the world. The world is being haunted by the hovering diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, cancer etc. People are fighting with themselves when under the affect of disease. Not only this, it is very difficult to abstain the self from the epidemic of the diseased world. Personal genomics has made the world well equipped to fight with the prevailing diseases. Most of the disease conditions are present, because of the life style we are following. Life style diseases are the problems because of our ignorance. Personal genomics in India has budded in this past decade only. It includes the study of the genetic material of an individual. The smallest entity of the living organism is gene or the DNA. DNA is made up of deoxyribonucleic acid and is present in the form of two strands, which are antiparellel to each other. The two antiparellel strands have purine and pyrimidine bases connected to each other, with bonds between them. It is the sequence of the bases which is of importance. Any distortion in the sequence can lead to the disturbance in the physiological functioning of the body. As a result of which the body develops diseases.

Personal genomics helps in assessment of the DNA structure, trait and pharmacogenetics of the individual. Getting into the details of the micro structure, helps in ruling out the probability of the forthcoming problem. Personal genomic in India are providing hand on resources for the utilization of the facilities provided by them. Mumbai being a big and developed city have plenty of facilities available in the pool of healthcare industry. Many hospitals in Mumbai have their personal genomic firms which provide high quality assessment of the customer. Not only this, these personal genomic firms are helping the people by their awareness campaigns, brochures, websites etc. Half of the problem is solved by awareness. When people are aware of the facilities available in the health care industry, then only they will take a step ahead to utilize the available facilities. Many medical research institutes like Indian cancer research institute, Madras diabetes institute are helping in the spread of the knowledge, regarding the new diagnostic, preventive and treatment modalities.

With the help of new technology the disease can be forecasted before its occurrence. As a result of which we can step ahead cautiously. There are so many personal genomics in Mumbai and our positive bioscience is one amongst them. Personal genomic firms are providing assessment facilities along with the treatment facilities. There are so many diabetes tests available in India. The important tests are as follows: Blood glucose fasting

  • Blood glucose pp
  • Blood glucose random
  • Blood profile (before meals/after meals)
  • Fructosamine
  • HbA1c
  • GTT
  • GAD 65
  • IGg
  • Insulin fasting
  • C-peptide serum
  • Insulin antibody
  • Islet cell antibody
  • Islet cell antibody in dilution
  • Microalbumin24 hrs urine
  • Micro albumin 2nd morning urine
  • Diabetes panel 1
  • Diabetes panel 2
  • Diabetes panel basic
  • Creatinine for kidney function
  • fundoscopy for eyes

Now Diabetes genomic test is also in the queue of investigations. Diabetes genetic test available in Mumbai is DR2 DR5 tests. These tests are possible because of the genetic assessment of the individual. Life is beautiful and has to be dealt with happily, so it is mandatory to take hold of our own lives, rather to mourn after the occurrence of diseases. Disease can be forecasted and prevented with the help of the assessment off the genetic makeup of an individual.