Penis Augmentation – What To Expect Before, During And After The Surgery?

We are living in a visually-oriented society, where there is an increasing obsession with self-image, and a large number of people are opting for surgical enhancements in the quest for having the perfect body. Cosmetic procedures like breast implants for women, facial sculpting along with several other procedures are quite familiar to many; but, while it is less often talked about, a large number of men opt for penis augmentation to increase the length or girth of their member. Men who consider penile enhancement should have a better understanding of how the entire procedure goes, along with its potential impact on the health of their penis.

What Is Penis Augmentation?

It is quite common for men to feel that they do not really measure up when it comes to their penis size, and look for viable solutions to increase its width or length. There are literally thousands of techniques and products out there being marketed as a means to ‘grow’ the penis. Sadly, none of these non-surgical options prove to work, and in most of the cases, these even cause permanent damage to the penile tissues. Until today, penis augmentation surgery has been the only solution that has proven results.

What You Should Expect Before, During And After The Procedure

First and foremost, it is imperative for men to find penis surgery best clinics, consult the doctors about the reasons for having the surgery, and the results they anticipate from the procedure.

Before the procedure, the surgeon will take complete medical history and will then conduct a thorough physical examination; the surgeon will then talk to the patient about the expectations they have. Anesthesia options will also be discussed.

During the procedure, the area is first shaved in order to make the required incisions. Men who are not circumcised, a circumcision may also be performed to prevent any issues related to swelling the follows the procedure.

The augmentation itself is carried out in one or two ways. To make the penis grow longer, the ligaments at the penis base are cut so it hands longer, giving an appearance of an additional one to 2 inches in length. To make it wider, fats from different body parts are injected to the particular area, which gives an additional 1 to 2 inches in girth.

After the surgery has been done, men are usually discharged on the same day, with vital instructions about care for the incisions and how long to refrains from workout and sex as the area heal.