The CBD Tincture – From Seed to Soul

The CBD tincture is an ever-growing product in the hemp industry today. As the demand for CBD increases day by day, more and more CBD lovers are asking about tinctures. What are they? How do they work? Are they effective? Although CBD has many forms and vessels, the tincture is one of the best and fastest ways to enjoy the benefits that this amazing cannabinoid has to offer. Here is are some great tidbits of information about CBD tinctures that you might find of use to you in your wellness journey.

The Hemp Seed

Hemp is a plant that has been in existence for a very long time. It is in the cannabis family and is home to a plethora of different cannabinoids including CBD and THC. Over the centuries farmers have been able to create a strain of hemp that has very low THC content and a high CBD content. The seeds that come from a high-quality hemp plant that has the perfect amount of cannabinoids is where a greatly crafted CBD tincture starts from. This hemp seed is planted into the ground and the journey begins.

Nurturing the Plant

When hemp is grown on a high-grade hemp farm such as High Falls Hemp NY, it is cared for on a daily basis and constantly monitored for health and cannabinoid content. The two major cannabinoids that the farmers tend to are CBD and THC. If the plant is raised just right and given all of the nutrients that it requires it will grow and become a magnificent source of healthy, clean, and high-quality hemp extracts.

Harvesting the Plant

When it is time to harvest the hemp plant, the best way is to have the workers chop the stalks with machetes and carefully stack the hemp on a carrier. Before the harvest, the farmer has to make sure that it is the optimum time to chop the plants. If the plants are harvested too soon, the amount of CBD in each one could be too low. If the plants are harvested too late, they could end up with an excessive amount of THC and be deemed marijuana and illegal. There is a fine line between hemp and marijuana in the eyes of the law.

The Extraction Process

The part of the hemp plant that carries the strongest concentration of CBD is the flower. In most cases when the plant is harvested, it is still in the bud state. The workers will carefully dry out the harvested hemp and make sure that that area is properly vented so that no mold is able to grow. After the plant is dried out, people will remove the buds and start the extraction process. In the process of creating a CBD tincture, the solids from the hemp plant are treated with a solvent that draws the hemp oil from the plant. This solvent can be distilled alcohol, ethanol, or liquified CO2. Once the oil has been separated from the hemp plant, the remaining solids are strained away. What is left over is a hemp extract tincture with a healthy amount of high-quality CBD. 

High Falls Hemp NY From Seed to Soul

The next step in the tincture process is to examine the product for quality and make sure that it is safe, effective, and high-grade. When CBD tinctures are produced on the High Falls Hemp NY property they are closely scrutinized for any flaws or possible problems. People depend on wholesome CBD products that do not contain harmful pesticides or toxins and that has been grown by healthy plants. High Falls Hemp NY believes that from the seed in the ground to the soul of the customer each and every product that is created needs to be made with love and compassion.