The Natural Cancer Handbook: Useful Tips And Recommendations For Cancer Patients

What is the natural cancer handbook?

The natural cancer handbook is a relatively new book on cancer and its alternative treatment options. The handbook was released in 2013 and complied by Johanna C Schipper and Frank J Vanderlugt. These authors have laid emphasis on the new and all natural cancer treatment methodologies. The book is comprised of 498 pages with highly researched and comprehensive information on the cancer, its concurrent types, conventional and commonly used cancer treatment methods and fifty new alternative options that can treat different cancer types with much effectiveness. Soon after its release, the natural cancer handbook received overwhelming response from the targeted audiences, because of its well-researched, comprehensive and unbiased content.

How to use this handbook?

The natural cancer handbook is basically compiled in a simple way and all the main points are discussed in a chronological order. The individuals can definitely start by consulting a specialist doctor. After a proper cancer diagnosis, the individuals can use this handbook to get additional information about the alternative and natural means for treating cancer.

The chapter 8 of the handbook can be used to highlight the common food items and environmental issues that may cause cancer signs. The individuals must try to clean and detoxify their internal environment to cure the root cause of cancer. A detailed chapter on Vitamin D is compiled which address the importance of Vitamin D in curing the cancer signs to a great extent. Moreover the cancer patients must try to use alkaline products and avoid dairy products. Chapter 10 is dedicated to the Budwig diet for treating cancer. Other relevant anti-cancer natural items like Pawpaw are also mentioned in detail along with their warnings and side effects.

What is the success rate for all these alternative cancer treatment options?

All the alternative cancer treatment methods discussed in the handbook are completely natural, but warnings and side effects are likely to occur as mentioned by the authors. The possible side effects and precautions are described in the book in order to keep the readers fully aware about both pros and cons of each alternative method. Not a single conventional as well as the alternative cancer treatment method can guarantee 100% success rate to the patients. But the individuals can safely use these alternative and natural cancer treatment methods for having quite effective results.