Things To Do Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Etobicoke

Opting for laser hair removal services Etobicoke is one big decision in its own way. However since one has wisely made the decision by carefully considering all the influencing factors, one must start preparing oneself both mentally and physically. There are certain dos and don’ts before and after getting the treatment. Although it is clearly communicated by the specialist however if not one must proactively inquire about the precautions that needs to be taken both before and after. Laser hair removal Etobicoke is known for offering high-end services.

Before the session is conducted doctor who will be performing the treatment, analysis the nature of the skin. And as per the skin type, normal, sensitive, oily or dry the precautionary guidelines are shared. Along with the pre-requisites, doctor prescribes pre-treatment medicine to safe guard the patient from any reaction it may cause.

Precautions before going for laser hair removal in Etobicoke

There are certain precautions that one must begin incorporating well in advance, ideally a month in advance. Here is the list of such preventive measures:

  • Say no to sun: If possible one must stay indoors for a month, completely avoiding any contact with sun. However that seems impossible, so one must not come in direct contact with sun because already UV rays are dangerous for the skin, when the skin which will soon undergo the laser treatment, UV rays affected skin can go worse. Also one must try to cover the exposed area with cloth rather than applying sunscreen, chemicals in sunscreen may not benefit the skin in any way. Visit Google Plus for more information.
  • Say no to temporary hair removal activities: it has been observed that various hair removal treatments can hinder and interrupt the effectiveness of laser hair removal procedure. Thus one must avoid indulging in any such activities for a month’s time.
  • Say no to medication: One must not do any self- medication thinking that it may ease out the pain or reaction laser treatment may cause. Always inquire with the doctor and then go ahead.
  • Keep it clean: One must take good care of the skin which is expected to undergo the treatment. Do not use any body lotions, creams, cosmetics and perfume on the day of the treatment skin must not be covered with any cream like substance.
  • Go for comfortable clothing: On the day of the treatment one must wear loose and comfortable clothes in order to keep skin well ventilated and free.
  • Be safe: Lastly, although the doctor will apply pre- treatment cream and ointment to prepare the skin to take up laser on it, in case doctor misses it, one must pro-actively ask for one. Also as the session begins, protective eye glasses must be worn as the laser may affect the vision badly. At Ourbis, avail more information.

Once the procedure gets over, one must look out for after effects if any. Itchiness, redness and swelled area may appear normal however if it prevails for a longer period of time and the intensity seems to on the higher end, then one must immediately contact the doctor.