VIP Junket As An Alternative To The Usual Rest

All usual offers from tour operators in the form of sea voyages, sightseeing tours or shopping tours – all this, of course, is good. Even wonderful, but there comes a moment when you realize that you’ve already been everywhere and seen everything. Here, for such sophisticated travelers, literally, a breath of fresh air will be a VIP junket tour in one of the European capitals. VIP junket is a symbiosis of elite relaxation, gaming entertainment and extensive excursion programs.

The organizer of the junket or casino tours, Michael Boettcher’s Storm International company is the gaming business operator with a worldwide reputation, the founder of the Shangri La casino’s network. All the network’s units in Minsk, Yerevan and Tbilisi are focused on high-quality games and services, and are also known for their highest standards of security and privacy. Shangri La Minsk and Tbilisi were repeatedly recognized as the best in their field. Shangri La in Yerevan is the most luxurious casino in the Armenian capital.

More About Junket

The implementation principle of junket tours from Storm International, Darren Keane, the company CEO said, is extremely simple. The client pays only Shangri La’s game chips, all the other cares are taken by the tours organizers. This is the main junket tours point. So that everyone can completely surrender to the game, and not waste their precious time on such uninteresting activities as booking hotels, searching and buying tickets.

Casino News:

The services list provided at Shangri La casino tours includes:

  • Round way tickets (depending on the chips value)
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport
  • Accommodation at casino or hotel of the selected class
  • Food and drinks, including alcohol
  • Excursion activities
  • Reservation of tables in restaurants and tickets for various events

All that is required for you to spend time pleasantly in the gambling halls, playing with the acquired chips. And note, all winnings are rightfully yours. Thus, you can significantly reduce the tour cost. And even then, with a certain share of luck, your winnings may exceed costs.

Choose A Direction

All Shangri La gambling houses are located in colorful European capitals areas, surrounded by historical sites. You can rest in exquisite units that have become their cities decorations. It’s time to get to know each of the units more closely to determine where you want to go first.

Shangri La Yerevan

Shangri La Casino in Yerevan is the closest gaming establishment to the Armenian capital, which is located just 2 km from the country’s main city. Crossing the threshold, you find yourself in a truly magical world that has been embodied in every smallest detail of sophisticated gaming halls. Here is the largest Shangri La family casino, which opened its doors in 2009. Thus, today this unit also has the longest history of all network objects.

The gaming house halls territory is impressive in its scale. Here you can play all kinds of table games: American Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold’em Poker or Caribbean Poker and various other games. On the casino main floor, you will find more than 90 various slot machines. And in the new gaming zone, more than 300 slot machines are waiting for your attention. In addition, the casino has a poker club, which regularly hosts tournaments. And it is worth mentioning separately Shangri La X. O. This is a VIP club for high roll players junket. In between games, you can please yourself with gastronomic diversity in the complex restaurant or in one of the three bars.

Shangri La Minsk

The Shangri La gambling house in the capital of Belarus has been taking the leading position in the country’s casino rating for seven years in a row. We offer you 15 gaming tables, latest generation slot machines, two VIP-level halls for customers who prefer to play at higher bets. Shangri La in Minsk is more focused on high-income visitors. Thus, this is a closed format VIP institution.

Meeting a Casino Host

The highlight of the unit is a restaurant with original cuisine, which is managed by the top level Chef, Mark Ulrich. Delicious cuisine, a wide offer of the bar card and impeccable service – all this will become a pleasant addition to the gameplay.

Concerts of famous artists, theme parties and various festivals are another options for a comfortable time.

Shangri La Tbilisi

Shangri La Casino in Tbilisi, the pearl of the Georgian capital, has already been awarded with the highest award three times, as the best casino in Georgia. The unit is located in a cozy and picturesque Tbilisi area, in the immediate vicinity of the Bridge of Peace, one of the city attractions.

Literally from the doorstep of the casino, you find in a modern palace, which luxurious interior is impressive to the core.

Every weekend on the casino stage there are grandiose shows with the performers participation. And, of course, to complete the sensations, visit a cozy restaurant with world-class cuisine, where a promenade wonderful view opens through the panoramic windows.

In each of the Shangri La network units, the established international standards of high level service and security are observed. The emphasis is on each visitor comfort and convenience. Here you will always feel like a king!