Wart: Getting to Know It to Get Rid of It

Wart is one of the skin issues that will be there up until you focus and get rid of it. It might just be seen as a small skin condition and not dangerous but will still be affecting your appearance as well as how people see you. There are some questions asked by people on what wart is and how it should be treated. There are some Q&A about warts & wart treatments that you might to know.

Real Facts about Warts

Warts are contagious and easily spreads from people to people through direct skin contact. This skin condition is brought by human papillomavirus (HPV) which cannot be gotten rid of your DNA but the result which is wart can be treated or removed. Though some warts need medication, there are warts that disappear on their own but some multiplies as time goes by.

There are different types of warts that can be developed anywhere in your body. It might be on your hands, foot, finger, internal genital, external genital, or even on your anal. Warts might develop on your skin out of the blue without feeling nothing, but there are warts like plantar which occurs on the soles of your feet which is really painful.

The worst case fact about warts is that it can cause cancer. Warts especially the one hitting the genitals causes more than half percent to have cervical cancer. If not removed, it can cause changes of the cells in the cervix leading to cancer. Surgery is the only option if this happens but can be removed by pap smears when it is still in its early stage.

Treating Warts for Safer and Cleaner Skin

There are many ways you can treat existing warts, may it be at home or with the assistance of a doctor. At home, you can apply salicylic acid or practice the Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy (DTOT). Your doctors can also offer cryotherapy, medicines (imiquimod, cantharidin, or retinoid cream), surgery (electrosurgery, laser surgery, or curettage), and chemical peels using a stronger formula of salicylic acid, tretinoin, or glycolic acid.

Warts commonly occur on your hands and may look like grainy bumps which are fleshy and small. It is rough to touch         and sometimes appeared like a flesh sprinkled with black pinpoints which is a clotted blood vessel.

If you are feeling irritated or embarrassed with the appearance of warts, better seek assistance from a doctor near you to get it treated as soon as possible.