What Foods Should I Avoid for Acne?

Acne may result because of certain food, habits, and lifestyle. It is caused when the living cells get wedged with oil and the dead cells. You need to avoid some food to prevent acne. It is because certain foodstuffs can cause this skin condition. Consult with your doctor to know which foods trigger acne. Once you know them, be careful while you take your meals. Avoid taking the ones, which your doctor has prescribed. In addition, you can also use duac acne cream for your treatment. It is an effective product, which can cure your condition. Moreover, it also prevents the development of pimples in the future. You should consult with your doctor for a suitable dosage.

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Which Foods Trigger Acne? 

As discussed above, some food can put you at risk of developing pimples. In addition, they may sometimes worsen your condition and cause harmful effects. Consult with your doctor to know about those foods. Nevertheless, some of them are mentioned below-

  • Avoid dairy products; they elevate the seriousness of pimples
  • Foods, which have a rich proportion of omega 6 fatty acid and less amount of omega -3 fatty acids, can cause skin inflammation
  • Some protein supplements can increase the development of pimples. However, more researches are needed to prove the fact
  • Limit or quit taking fast foods like french fries, burger, milkshakes, hot dogs, and soda
  • Foods containing refined carbohydrates, like white flour pasta, maple syrup, rice noodles, and bread, can trigger the development of skin condition
  • Avoid eating too many chocolates

In addition to these foods, avoid taking the foodstuffs, which cause you allergy. If you know them, work on your diet. However, you can consult with your doctor to know which food items can result in causing allergic reactions.

What are the Other Ways to Prevent Acne? 

There are certain habits and even lifestyle that increases the possibility of developing pimples and whiteheads. You should avoid the following habits and lifestyle to prevent this skin disease-

  • Keep Cleaning your Face

You should clean your face regularly. It helps in wiping out the bacteria and prevents pimples.

  • Stay Hydrated

Keep your body well hydrated. It helps in assisting the body to perform its function properly. In addition, it also flushes out the bacteria from the infected site.

  • Reduce your Stress

Stress is a dominant cause of acne. You can try doing meditation, yoga, massage, and aromatherapy to cope-up with the condition.

  • Moisturize your Skin

Moisturizers help your skin to stay hydrated. However, some of them contain oil and other things, which can be harmful to your skin. Therefore, consult with your doctor to choose a good moisturizer for your skin.

Keep using duac acne cream to bring successful results in your treatment.

  • Prefer Light make-up

Make-up can harm your skin. Therefore, prefer doing a light touch up while going outside your home.

  • Do not pop your Pimples

Do not pluck the pimples. It may cause bleeding and leave you with scars and blemishes.

  • Avoid Going into Excessive Sunlight 

You should limit going to places where you are exposed to sunlight. Excessive sun exposure can dehydrate your body cells and cause acne.

  • Avoid Certain Foods

You should avoid taking dairy products, protein supplements, fast foods, foodstuffs containing refined carbohydrates, and chocolates.

  • Use Gentle Disinfectant

The use of disinfectant will help you in getting rid of the dirt and bacteria from your skin. Select your cleanser wisely. Nevertheless, you can take the help of your healthcare provider for the same purpose.

  • Take Sufficient Sleep

While you sleep, your skin rests and heals better. Inadequate sleep often results in causing acne. Therefore, start taking adequate sleep to prevent acne.

Try doing these home remedies, along with taking your medical treatment. In addition to foods, consult with your doctor for more triggers that may elicit acne. Knowing them may help you prevent this skin disease. Above all, use duac acne cream, along with the lifestyle adjustments and preventions. It may bring successful results in your treatment.

You can seek an online doctor consultation for acne. Visit the Daily Chemist web page for any queries. Moreover, you can also request medical guidance from experts.