What Is Laser Hair Removal For Men?

Years ago, the only men who had hairless bodies were professional athletes (or very dedicated amateur athletes). Swimmers and cyclists, as well as other speed based athletes, shaved or waxed their bodies to help make themselves more aerodynamic, thereby increasing their speed. However, these days there are increasing numbers of men who are opting for hair removal out of preference, to improve their appearance. The most common areas of hair removal for men are the back and chest. Many men start off shaving their chests, and later move on to waxing their chest and back. Waxing, however, is a very painful process; and more men are discovering the efficiency and pain-free option of laser hair removal.

Having a smooth back and chest is one of the options many men choose; however, a large number of men choose to simply thin the hair on their chest rather than remove it completely. These choices depend on the individual preferences of the men (and often, the significant other in their lives as well), and just how much hair they have on their back or chest. Since laser hair removal is virtually painless, this option is a much more appealing one to most men than waxing. In addition to this, laser hair removal is more permanent with the number of treatments needed reducing over time to just one maintenance treatment per year.

The aesthetician carrying out the treatment will assess the skin first, to check that it is safe to use hair removal on that particular area of skin. They will also perform a patch test in order to make sure that the skin will not react badly to the gel or laser machine. The treatment itself will last between 15 minutes and an hour, depending on the area being treated as well as the amount of hair. As the laser is applied to each hair, it damages the bottom of the hair follicle, resulting in the hair dying and falling out.

The next treatment will be carried out around six to eight weeks after the first, and further treatments will be done at the same kind of intervals. For most men, the complete number of treatments that are needed in total is between six and eight. After the last treatment, there will be no further hair growth, and only one treatment a year will be needed after that. In addition to this, during the course of those six or eight treatments, the man will notice less hair growing in the area that is being treated, and the hair that does grow will be softer because it will be weaker as the damage to the hair follicle causes it to weaken.

Laser hair removal is an excellent option for men who would like to be free from hair, or at least have it thinned out on a specific area of their body. The treatments are quick, virtually pain free, and each one takes you closer to a permanent solution.