Different Treatments Used By A Physiotherapist In Brampton

Physiotherapy is an excellent way to treat problems or injuries that occur due to sprains, bone dislocation, back pain, sports injuries, migraines, etc. It helps in taking care of the both muscular health conditions as well as skeletal condition making it almost a complete field in medicine. For a physiotherapy clinic in Brampton to perform these kinds of methods, there must be different kinds of treatments. Here are some of the commonly used treatment methods in therapy for the benefit of the patient.


The main principle behind Cryotherapy is the application of ice over the injury to reduce the pain and possible swelling. A professional physiotherapist in Brampton might choose to perform an ice massage or simply use an ice pack dependent on the severity of the injury. In most cases a DKM [Deep Kneading Massage] is performed before the use of ice for better results.


As ice, heat has its own advantage and is great to maintain or increase the blood flow in a specific area. Heat therapy includes many techniques such as wax bath with paraffin, diathermy, hot packs, ultrasound, infrared heat, etc. and they are used for different health conditions of the patient. The temperature maintained during the therapy is decided by the physiotherapist Brampton who tries to make as precise as possible for the patient. Go to Zoominfo or Cylex to know more about therapy clinics that offer these treatment methods

Electric Stimulation

The patient is supplied with very small amount of electricity to ensure there is no muscle atrophy. This is generally observed [atrophy] in people facing the problems related to paralysis. Electrical stimulation can help in the increase of muscle strength to some extent which helps the individual to recover. The process is very simple – electrodes are used to send electricity from the skin surface creating sensation in the muscles.

Another type of treatment method used in physiotherapy clinic in Brampton is the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS. The electrodes are battery powered and placed on the skin to relieve pain rather than focusing on muscles. The patient after a severe injury or with a chronic pain can relax a bit after the treatment.


Strengthening exercises and range of motion exercises are primary for any physiotherapy session. ROM exercises are best suited to maintain the flexibility of the joints and prevent stiffness after an injury or surgery. The exercises are further categorized in to active assistance, passive and active ROM exercises. On the other hand, strengthening exercises are specific for helping the muscles to stay strong. These are preferred during the healing or rehabilitation process and help the patient to recover to former condition.  Soft tissue mobilization is also a technique used to help the patient to move freely and preventing any stiffness in the joints or in the area of accident/ injury.

All of these treatments are accompanied by appropriate massages, which will help the patient to become completely normal. So, in case of an injury or pain or stiffness do not hesitate to approach a physiotherapist Brampton for quick recovery.