The Different Types of Alcoholism

Knowing and understanding the different types of alcoholism is important not only for the general knowledge, but also, to help in the detection. Strategies and methods of tackling alcohol addiction are developed from collection of this information.

The different types of addicts have different characteristics of which they are considered by the psychiatrists to administer a treatment plan. With this kind of knowledge you can also be able to identify people who need help. If you are dependent on alcohol you will know which category you land on and you will be able to take the necessary steps towards recovery.

Types of alcoholics

In order to reduce and prevent alcoholism and dependency, we have to know the types of alcoholics. The alcoholism is identified by the cause which leads them to the level of dependency. The alcohol addicted people may land on any of the below type.

Depression alcohol addicts

This kind of addicts drinks a lot of alcohol because of issues or crises in their life. Example include: A tough after-effect of divorce, financial crisis or even death of a close family member.

Social drinkers

It can be for security reason or just to be around people, but end up drinking a lot of alcohol on regular intervals. The habit leads to being hooked to alcoholism.

Bored alcoholism

These kinds of addicts are hooked for the simple reason such as drinking to remove boredom in their life. They will spend lots of time in the pub and clubs.

Distressed and easygoing alcoholics

The simple matters in life lead them to drink and they have a large following. Most of their friends are drunkards and spend most of the time drinking.

Having the above knowledge one has the ability to understand the way to being an addict. Alcohol addiction is psychological problem same as most of the causes that lead to dependency. When you have developed these habits of dependency you are classified as an addicted and need psychological help.

How alcoholics are represented in the society

Young Addicts

These kinds of alcohol dependants develop drinking behaviours early in their life and the amount of alcohol consumed increases with time. Most of the young people who are alcoholics are in denial and do not seek help until intervention from a friend or a relative.


This type of alcoholics can be tough to treat because of personality disorder. This characteristic enables the close family member and friends identify the problem early.

Functional addicts

They try to act normal in their social life; with their family, friends and also in their employment. Most of them are educated and are in a relationship. They prefer not to go for the treatment.

Intermediate familial

These kinds of addicts follow a line of addicted family members i.e. drunkard father. Their habits and behaviours are largely influenced by the people around them. For a complete recovery they require residential change (rehab).

Chronic and Severe addicts

Lastly we have the severe type which is a rare category for few people reach this extreme kind of alcoholism.