How to pack your esky cooler with Dry ice or dry ice packs

Once you have a good quality esky cooler and sufficient Reusable ice packs, You can now prepare to pack the cooler. Once you have a good quality esky cooler and sufficient Reusable ice packs, You can now prepare to pack the cooler.

  • Ensure all your meat and vegetables you want to keep frozen are in the deep freezer until the time you are leaving your house. Soda and Aerated Drinks can be pre-chilled in your fridge but your and Fruit drinks, Yoghurt, etc. can be frozen. It reduces the pressure on the gel packs
  • 12 hours before you leave on your trip, Leave your cooler indoors and put a frozen bottle of water inside so you can start cooling the walls of the ice box, So everything you have in your icebox including your icebox is starting as cold as they can get.
  • When you are an hour away from leaving its time to pack your ice chest, Pack a layer of  Dry Ice or Dry ice packs, on the bottom of the cooler and separate the frozen food and the Chilled food. The Frozen food can be packed directly above the ice packs and then put a layer of ice packs above it and then pack all your chilled food. IT is important that you leave some frozen meat at the top which you can use for the first few days because digging to the bottom of the esky is going to be a challenge. You also pack a layer of ice packs along the walls so the cooler. Ensure the cooler is packed tight and reduce the space as much as possible.
  • When you put your Cooler in the vehicle, If it’s a 4WD, Ensure the rear Ac vents are open, and if the cooler is exposed to direct sunlight, We strongly recommend a wet towel over the cooler.
  • We also recommend packing the ration for the first few days in a Handy cooler bag, so you don’t have to open the cooler esky for the first few days. Once you are done with the ration in the cooler bag, we suggest that you open the cooler once a day and transfer all the daily ration to the cooler bag, so you aren’t opening the cooler frequently which is a very important step in ice management.
  • At your campsite, we recommend that you place the cooler under a shade and preferably outside your tent. A good idea to have a lockable cooler so it’s secure. Ensure you have a wet towel on the esky always and if you find the towel is dry its best to get them soaking wet again and ensure the towel is always wet.
  • IF your esky doesn’t have feet, It’s also important that you place your esky slightly elevated from the ground by putting a block of wood on either side which helps air circulate the cooler and avoids any heat transfer from the ground.
  • If you find the Ice packs on the top layer are not chill anymore, It’s time to remove them and store them in a bag.