Top 10 Most Critical Pet Diseases

Here are top 10 critical diseases you should learn about, in order to keep your pets from any of them, and help them live longer.


Obesity has become as serious of a problem in our pets as it is in the human population. Sadly, overweight pets are more prone to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and premature death. There is no quick fix for obesity, but, just like with a human diet, check with your veterinarian, for feeding and exercise guidelines.  You can visit and find information about the pet vets in Canada.


Heartworm is a disease spread by mosquitoes and it has been diagnosed in all 50 states. While it is much more common in dogs, cats can also acquire the disease. the best way to keep your pets heart free of potentially deadly worms is through a monthly preventative, prescribed by your veterinarian clinic.

Veterinarian Petting Dog

Dental disease

Dental disease is the perfect example of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” because bad oral health can also lead to dangerous heart and kidney conditions in pets. Teach your kittens and puppies that brushing their teeth is a normal part of your grooming routine.


Commonly called “parvo,” this virus is terribly common in parts of the country with low vaccination rates and can be seen in cats and dogs. Parvo is most frequently seen in puppies and kittens who have not yet been vaccinated. Most survivors of parvovirus do not harbor long-term effects.


Distemper is a tragic, often fatal disease of dogs and puppies. While the distemper virus is part of the typical puppy vaccine series, puppies too young for vaccination and dogs who were never vaccinated are most vulnerable. The virus typically comes along with neurological symptoms, nasal discharge, and high fevers.


Although the widespread use of the rabies vaccine in recent years has made its occurrence in pets in the U.S. quite rare, it is still present in wild animal populations. Because rabies is always fatal, it’s critical to make sure that your pets are current on their rabies vaccination.

Flea and tick

Fleas and ticks are certainly undesirable guests on your pet’s fur, but they are more than just unwelcome creepy crawlies. These tiny passengers can carry serious diseases that can cause profound illness in both pets and people.


Arthritis is often seen as a rite of passage for our older pets. They may seem slow to rise in the morning, or a bit reluctant to jump up to their favorite spot on the couch. The local vet clinic can diagnose most forms of arthritis during a routine exam, but they may also recommend an x-ray to rule out other issues or evaluate how seriously inflamed the joints are.


Just like with humans, pets can develop diabetes as part of the aging process.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease is common in senior cats, but also seen in cats and dogs of all ages. It can be congenital or develop as the pet ages.