Top 5 Contact Lenses for Sport

If you are a sports person and have issues with eyesight an important question comes up. Should I wear glasses or should I use contact lenses?

Contact glasses offer multiple advantages to physically active persons. Unlike eyeglasses contact lenses won’t:

  • Fall off – while running or jumping the glasses will inevitably start to slip off.
  • Fog up – When exposed to humid air or when there a temperature change the glasses will fog up.
  • Get wet in the rain impeding your vision – anyone who has ever worn glasses while it’s raining can understand this issue.
  • Lensesor frame cracking –If you’ve ever owned a pair of glasses then there’s a high possibility they ended their usefulness by getting cracked.
  • Causing injury to the face after an impact from another person or an object – If you like to play high contact sports then you definitively shouldn’t wear eyeglasses. If by accident you get any glass in your eyes you can end up permanently blind.

Wearing contact lenses offers many advantages to eyeglasses like:

  • Clear peripheral vision – Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses cover the entire surface of your eye ensuring you have a consistent vision no matter in what position your eye is.
  • Decreased image distortions, which can occur with eyeglasses – depending on the position of the glasses the vision can get distorted. If the glasses slip off a bit you won’t be able to focus some objects and some objects can get distorted.
  • Constant optimal correction in all angles of gaze because contact lenses move with your eyes
  • Increased comfort – Many of the current contact lenses on the market are designed for comfort.
  • Lack of mechanical device on the face — glasses can fall or be knocked off, even when secured with a band (especially painful for the nose area where the glasses rest if caused by an impact)

So far we’ve learned that wearing contacts has some benefits when doing sports. Now let’s see for what type of activity are they best suited for.

Swimming and other Water Activities

You should definitely not swim with your contact lenses. The lenses can wash out of your eyes and be forever lost. Also, swimming pools are a source for chlorine which can build up on your soft lenses resulting in eye irritation. The swimming pools are also a host for a plethora of microorganisms which can attach to your contacts causing eye infection. Acanthamoeba has been associated with hot tub use while wearing contacts.

Racquetball and Squash

If you are playing racquetball or squash an important question arises Do contact lenses perform well under eye protectors?

In many cases it’s mandatory for all individuals to wear eye protection while playing indoor racket sports. If you want to wear contact lenses, you can use any nonprescription eye protector that’s on the market. They are much less expensive than the prescription ones. Also, the combined price of a pack of contact lenses and an eye protector is less than a full priced prescription eye protector. You can further reduce the stress of wearing eye protection if you use anti-fog coatings.

Outdoor Activities

Some contact lenses come with an ultraviolet filter. Please note that none of the currently available contacts lenses on the market that feature UV filters are approved to take the place of full UV-blocking sunglasses, that’s why you should discuss which contacts will fit you best with your local eye doctor. Also it is very important to know that contacts with UV filters only protect your cornea and retina, and not the conjunctiva, the eyelids and other outer portions of the eye.


If you’re into baseball then you must have heard thatrigid contact lenses are not to be worn in dusty environments.When a particle of dust or dirt gets behind a contact lens, irritation to the cornea occurs. If this happens, the lens must be immediately removed and cleaned and disinfected before reinsertion. Rigid lenses are more susceptible to this problem than soft lenses, because soft lenses cover a larger area of the eye and fit closer to the eye than do rigid lenses. Soft lenses are also a go to type of contact lenses that you should be using if you’re doing sports.

Some people are afraid of contact lenses popping off while they are running or doing some other physical activity. This happens very rarely, and when it does it happens to those who are wearing rigid contact lenses. It is important to note that if you are thinking of being active while wearing contacts that you wear soft contacts lenses.

Soft contact lenses are much thinner than rigid contact lenses and they adhere to your eye better. Also, because they are thin and cover more surface of the eye than the rigid contact lenses, you will be much less prone to eye irritation caused by dust particles coming in contact with your eyes.

We can safely conclude that wearing contacts while doing sports has advantages when opposed to wearing eyeglasses while doing sports. We can also safely conclude that soft lenses are best if you are thinking of being physically active. Now, let’s jump into a short list of available contact lenses that can fi your needs.

[1.] 1-Day Acuvue Moist


  • These contact lenses have the highest UV protection available in any daily disposable contact lens (block up to 82% UV-A and 97% UV-B rays)
  • Designed to help eyes stay moist and fresh even at the end of the day.
  • Unique LACREON technology form a cushion of moisture similar to your natural tears to reduce friction and maintain moisture.
  • Lightly tinted blue for easy visibility


  • Although Acuvue 1-Day Moist contact lenses block the majority of UV-A and UV-B radiation, eye care professionals still recommend that contact lens wearers protect their eyes outdoors with sunglasses.

Acuvue 1 Day Moist are made by Johnson & Johnson, a trusted name in health care products. These contact lenses are made for those who seek the convenience of daily disposable contacts. With advanced technology in vision, comfort and UV protection 1-Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses will exceed the needs of those looking for a convenient solution to vision correction.

Created to enhance visual accuracy, 1-Day Acuvue Moist is the best choice, because they offer efficiency and comfort as well as safety. Acuvue 1-Day Moist contact lenses block the majority of UV-A and UV-B radiation. The moisture-rich ingredient contained in the 1-Day Acuvue Moist protects the eyes from harmful UV rays. Designated as a Class II blocker by the FDA, Acuvue 1-Day Moist lenses block at least 82% of UV-A and 97% of UV-B radiation.

1-Day Acuvue Moist lenses provide the benefit of increased comfort thanks to Acuvue’s exclusive Lacerontechnology. This includes a moisture-rich wetting agent so your eyes will stay fresh and moist until the end of the day. By creating a cushion of moisture that acts similar to natural tears, Acuvue 1-Day Moist reduces friction and retains the natural feeling that make this product so popular amongst daily wearers of contact lenses.

1-Day Acuvue Moist are made from Etafilcon A hydrogel material.  Etafilcon A increases breathability in the eyes. Clinical research has shown that wearing contact lenses made from etafilcon, on a daily disposable basis, can provide relief from mild discomfort or itching associated with allergies. 1-Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses are a safe, comfortable and convenient choice for those who have never worn contact lenses or for those whose current lenses become uncomfortable during an allergy attack.

With advanced technology in comfort, vision and UV protection 1-Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses are an excellent choice for those who areleading an active lifestyle.

[2.] BiotrueONEday


  • By utilizing high definition optics these contacts provide clear and crisp vision.
  • Thanks to moisture retaining properties, these contacts feel comfortable to wear.


  • They can be a bit tricky to insert since these contacts are very soft.
  • If you are already suffering from dry eyes, these contacts might not be the best choice for you.

BiotrueONEday contact lenses start and end the day with more moisture than leading daily disposables. They maintain 98% of their moisture throughout your active day. These contacts are perfect if you’re are spending a lot of time outdoors, which may make your contact lenses feel dry and uncomfortable. They are made of a unique material that works like the eye to form a dehydration barrier providing excellent comfort. By utilizing high definition optics, BiotrueONEday contacts ensure crisp and clear vision.

BiotrueONEdaycontats help keep your eyes moisturized by mimicking the lipid layer of the tear film and forming a dehydration barrier.

[3.] 1-Day Acuvue Define


  • Acuvue Define contact lenses give your natural eye color a boost with 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® Contact Lenses.
  • 1-Day Acuvue Define subtly accentuate your eyes, for a radiant and more memorable you.
  • One of the highest levels of UV protection available in a daily disposable contact lens.


  • Some contact wearers have reported mild eye irritation after prolonged wear.
  • Can bit a difficult to take off.

1-Day Acuvue Define are inspired by the natural beauty of the eye. The lens combine the colored portion of the eye with a dark ring around it. This gives a luminous-effect pattern that results a brighter and more memorable you. You can choose between one from two designs to suit your eye color: NATURAL SPARKE- to add a luminous brightening effect to your eyes or NATURAL SHIMMER- for more depth and intensity in your eyes.

1-Day Acuvue Define are the #1 selling daily disposable lens in the world. These lenses enhance your natural beauty rather than changing the way you look, letting the real beauty of your eyes shine through. The unique outer ring outlines the iris, what creates more depth and definition and these lenses also give the eyes light effects to add brightness and sparkle to them.

1-Day Acuvue Define is brought to you by ACUVUE®- a brand you can trust.

[4] Clariti 1 Day contacts


  • These contacts boast the highest content of water, up to 98%. Making these perfect for those people who have chronically dry eyes.
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Thanks to high definition optics, these contacts provide clear and crisp vision.


  • You can only get the regular version of these contacts in a 90 pack, making these contacts a bit pricey.
  • Some users have complained that the contacts came torn in the packaging.

Made by CooperVision, Clarity 1 Day disposable contact lenses are the first and, currently, only contacts comprise of silicone hydrogel. Silicone hydrogel is a healthier alternative to regular hydrogel because it allows more oxygen to pass through the lens, minimizing the risk of eye irritation or infection.

Silicone hydrogel creates a highly “breathable” lens that provide whiter and brighter eyes. These contact lenses are perfect for anyone that likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, or for anyone that likes jogging. They are very thin and adhere to the eye perfectly.

[5.] Proclear 1 Day


  • The contacts are extremely comfortable to wear due to their high water
  • Excellent price-to-quality ration. Costing around $22 there are very little other contacts that can match the price and quality.


  • A bit difficult to put in.

Made by CooperVision,  Proclear 1-Day Compatibles contacts are made from a next generation, biocompatible soft contact lens material called PC Hydrogel. Thanks to exclusive PC Technology, water molecules are actually part of the lenses, creating a natural resistance to dryness.

Proclear 1 Day contact lenses are perfect for anyone that likes to engage in physical activities. Thanks to high water content these contact lenses they stay where they stay where they should be even when you’re in high motion.

Interestingly enough these contacts are the only contact lenses cleared by the U.S. FDA for the claim: “may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.”

In conclusion, when it comes to sports and contact lenses, soft contact lenses are the go to choice. They will adhere better to the eye and won’t cause any eye irritation (in most cases). When it comes to comfort you should look for contacts that have a high water content. That type of contacts will not only adhere to the eye better, but also minimize irritation if your eyes come in contact with dust particles.