Top Reasons to Absolutely Love Damon Clear Braces

It happens the moment your dentist announces the need of braces for your teeth. People around you would share all those horror stories about their experience with traditional braces. The discomfort, the prolonged treatment, the social anxiety and a lot more – so much to go through before you achieve the aesthetically-approved teeth and smile. What those storytellers and you don’t know about are the Damon System braces.

If you learn about them, you would be glad to know how dramatically they differ in appearance from those ugly, looks-spoiling conventional braces. You must have seen people too ashamed to reveal them while talking or smiling. These modern braces are nearly invisible. People around would take great amount of time and efforts to know that you are actually wearing braces.

The fact that these are self-ligating braces makes them comfortable to wear without the need of tightening them to the teeth. It means that your teeth would have to bear less pressure or friction and the chances of tooth or enamel damage are significantly reduced. Their slide mechanism ensures free and comfortable tooth movement.

One of the most lovable aspects of Damon System is that it shortens the overall treatment time. In fact, many reports and reviews claim that patients choosing these braces acquire the desired results 6-7 months shorter than what it takes with traditional braces. In addition, you must expect to pay fewer visits to your orthodontist with these braces. This is because Damon clear braces don’t require repeated tightening and fixing. A reduction of nearly 50% dental visits is indeed a great benefit of choosing them.

These braces fully support one’s dental hygiene routine, making it easier for the patient to brush and take proper care of their teeth. Flossing is another activity that you can carry on without facing much of the obstacles. Moreover, the absence of ligatures means that plague accumulation would be much lower. As a result, the process of discoloration is restrained to a lower pace. Resultantly, the smile you would attain at the end of the treatment would be quite near to what you always craved for.

Orthodontic experts too love and advocate their use. They find it much easier to make adjustments in the setup on every appointment. Because of the slide mechanism, the brackets open up easily and can be put back to place effortlessly. It further ensures that the patient feels more comfortable and less traumatized.

Damon braces are suitable for different age groups. When you think about how much do braces cost, these options may appear expensive initially. However, the associated benefits, reduced treatment time and better results make them the first choice for many. The only need is to select the best expert to achieve these advantages fully for you.