How to Treat Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety can make you nervous, can make being around others awkward, and can keep your body in fight or flight mode for no reason. Whatever the symptoms caused by your anxiety, the cause is the same: Your brain produces more stress causing hormones than it produces the ones that cause the brain to be calm and slow down, so any solution you use must target the brain and help to correct this error.

Most drugs and medications used to treat anxiety stop the production of the chemicals that calm your brain down, forcing you to become dependent on these highly addictive drugs to remain calm. Some people can find a balance between the medication and their anxiety, but for most, they simply become the slave of another problem while trying to fix their first.

Some natural medications have been prescribed by doctors, such as hypnosis, which will force a patient to confront what is causing their anxiety without panicking or overreacting. The trance will force them to truly focus on what is wrong without any external stimuli getting in the way, and might even give them access to a memory that they had buried in their subconscious mind.

Other natural remedies include yoga, deep breathing, and guided relaxation classes to help train the body to relax and give sufferer’s things to do during a panic attack to lessen the effects or even break them out of it entirely. These methods are often praised as long-term solutions that you can do yourself at any time, without needing to rely on medicine or other supplements.

Herbal medicine is also used, with the most popular called Kava, because unlike traditional medicine it stops the production of stress hormones and increases the production of calming ones while ignoring everything else. Most doctors support it as a practical method to treat anxiety without any side effects, and it can be stopped at any time with no effect on the body or brain.

Other less popular herbs include Passionflower, which is a less powerful version of Kava, and Valerian root which is a sleep aid to help anxiety sufferers sleep better.

Even things as simple as a cup of Chamomile, Green, or Mint tea a day can calm your brain down and get you relaxed in the morning, and most herbal remedies can be mixed into teas that can be taken once a day or night.

It’s important to note that herbal and medicinal remedies are temporary solutions for anxiety sufferers, and the real cure lies in long-term solutions to remove your reliance on any form of medicine and let you deal with the cause of your anxiety on your own.