5 Reasons Kravmaga Is The Best Self Defence Technique

Martial arts is more than a sport. For some people, it is the way of life. Basically, martial arts is a combination of self defense actions and it is necessary for everyone to learn it, in order to protect themselves from any unfortunate situation. We live in an unsafe world where people can attack due to any reason. No matter who you are, if someone dislikes you because of anything you did to him in past, he would definitely use tactics to oppress you. He wouldn’t hesitate to beat you when he gets a chance.

Martial Arts – A Self-Defence Technique

Today, the world has changed so much that even a person who has not done any harm to anyone, is attacked by someone unknown to him. Burglars, robbers, thieves, mafia and gangs exist all around the world in developed and underdeveloped countries alike. So, the need of the hour is, to learn and let your kids learn this art in order to maximize the safety and security of your family.

This is the reason why there are places offering martial arts classes, such as Toronto martial arts schools. Among popular places, Elite Martial Arts is one that offers KravMaga and Muay Thai classes to the people of all ages. You can visit EMA KravMaga and find out about the martial classes to get yourself registered.

Something AboutKravMaga

Kravmaga is a self defense system employed by Israeli forces. It is aa unique form of combat in which opponents use their hands to fight. This form of combat is preferred by worldwide security and law enforcement agencies.

The date of its inception isn’t accurate. However, KravMaga art was made available for common people in 1964. People like this form of martial arts because there are no strict rules, not stiff exercises, yet the art is quite effective for self defense.

Advantages of KravMaga

  1. It’s Quite Simple

KarvaMaga system of martial art is simpler in approach. It is entirely based on your natural body movement and your attacks are based on the way your opponent reacts.

  1. Handle More than One Opponent At Once

The best advantage of this particular style is, it is designed to fight one or more than one attackers at a time. You can pay attention to the entire group and plan your defense.

  1. Fighting Without Weapons

Moreover, some forms of martial arts become ineffective without weapons, or in a situation in which a person has to fight with bare hands and his opponent possesses some kind of weapon. The benefit of KravMaga is, it teaches how you can defend and counter attack your opponent even though you don’t have a weapon to defend yourself.

  1. No Prerequisites

Another major benefit of KarvMaga over other forms of martial art is, you don’t have to possess special skills or natural ability to fight. Instead, anyone large, short, fat or thin can learn to develop KravMaga skills with a certain amount of prep training.

  1. It’s for Everyone

KravMaga can be learnt by anyone. There is no age restriction or gender restriction. Martial arts classes Toronto offer KravMaga style of self defense to everyone.