Flu in This Season

It is assumed that in this season Flu shots may not come to work like the before in a research. But the research’s result is not all. If you take certain preparations for taking flu shots then it will work to a great extent. You have to do certain other things after taking the flu shots too. You should check the www.rxrefill.ca website for getting more information. There is a phone number too to contact our employees. Anyway I am telling some point here-

  • You have to stay at the building for 15 minutes after taking the flu vaccines in kitchener. It is done to keep you under the observation of the pharmacist or of the nurse. They do this to see whether you face any side effect or not.
  • It is the general thing that you won’t suffer from any side effect. But only a few people suffer from this. So the pharmacists use drugs to cure them immediately.
  • If you feel like faint then you should call the nurse or the pharmacist.
  • If you feel like chest tightness, or if you experience short breathing then you should call the pharmacist or the nurse.
  • It is extremely rare that people suffer from allergies after taking this vaccine. Anyway there is a cure from this.

There are three kinds of side effects. This classification is done according to probability. They are-

  • Probable side effects from flu shot
  • Side effects which are rare from flu shots
  • Side effects which are extremely rare from the flu shots.

The possible side effects are common but only a few people suffer from this. The side effects are sore arm, and redness of the needle site. These two diseases are not too severe diseases.  Of course there are cures from these diseases. You can exercise for your sore arms to get cured. Again you can use any cold pack later in the day. It will minimize your discomfort too. If you feel that you aren’t feeling comfort then you should take the ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

There are some rare side effects of flu shots. These are fever, headache, and tiredness or muscle soreness. If you feel these experiences then go to your doctor. Don’t make a delay. Another thing is that you will feel these symptoms after 6-12 hours.

There are some extremely rare side effects too for flu vaccines in kitchener. If you feel these you need emergency help. Go to the medical centre in emergence. See your doctor. And report all the rare side effects descriptions in detail. The rare side effects are shortness of breath, feeling tightness of chest, feeling of faintness or weakness. You may see swelling of lips. You may also feel like hives. These are extremely severe problems. So don’t waste time at all. Go to the nearest clinic and see the doctor.