HCG Diet Makes You Lose Weight in No Time

HCG diet advocates say you can lose pounds without the hassle of doing so. You can see how your flabs melt away. You want to lose weight fast that you become very interested on trying a new weight loss plan.

You hear about successful stories of persons losing weight on TV, newspapers and magazines that you want to follow their path too. Annually, it seems many press releases about newer diet programs are out.

Just like other weight loss plans like “South Beach”, “Dukan”, “Atkin’s”, “Cohen”, HCG diet is a much talked-about remedy for trimming down.

HCG Diet


This is a diet fad that gained much popularity quickly because of various testimonials about its success in weight loss. Coupled with a great marketing strategy, it is impossible that HCG diet won’t get much attention from weight-watchers.

Celebrities who have tried this weight loss plan vouch of its effectiveness which explains the “bandwagon effect”.

However, reports warning about the dangers of weight loss schemes which involve cutting down large amounts of food from different food groups came out. You have been warned about these diet fads.

Also, many stories from customers who are unsatisfied of HCG diet have raised a controversy about such weight loss plan.

How is It Done?

HCG diet will require you to eat within a limit of 500 calories a day. This involves several phases. You may be required to walk an hour a day, take HCG supplements and eat an apple daily.

There are different HCG diet menus from which you can choose from. However, this type of diet plan will make abrupt changes to dieting which can leave you unwanted effects especially when done inappropriately.

What are HCG Injections?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone of pregnancy. It is derived from the placenta of a pregnant woman. It is made into a synthetic substance which you can have through an injection.

This is said to stifle your appetite which allows you to adhere to a low calorie diet such as in HCG diet. However, some health experts do not believe such effect from the synthetic hormone.

Though HCG works in regulating other hormones in pregnancy, it does not cause significant changes to dieting as claimed by some scientists.

Aside from not getting much benefit from an HCG injectable, you can put your health at risk of developing serious health conditions.

Since human chorionic gonadotropin regulates other hormones in the body, you can alter the hormonal balance within your system. This may lead to medical problems such as forming cysts and tumor growths.

Is HCG Diet for You?

You are so desperate to lose weight. You want to trim down fast that a weight loss plan like HCG is one of your options. However, know more about this diet fad before entrusting your health to it.

You know the effects of crash diet to your body. Is it a long term diet plan? You may agree that eating within a 500 calorie daily requirement is not a great idea.

Do a more in-depth background check on HCG diet plans before trying it!