Type 2 Diabetes; Can A Hot Tub Really Help?

According to an article that was published in the New England Journal Of Medicine, hot tub therapy can provide some extremely good results for those suffering from type 2 diabetes. It was discovered that they lost weight, which can be extremely important in controlling the disease, improved their sleep patterns and lowered their blood sugar levels at the same time, all from just using a hot tub for a short time each day. That was back in 2008, but since then many people with the disease have gone on to show signs of improvement and hot tubs are now regularly recommended as an alternative therapy.

Of course this type of diabetes can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, when people have been taking their bodies for granted and neglecting a healthy diet full of fresh fruit and veg and eating highly processed foods full of fats and sugars. This kind of lifestyle can often be accompanied by a distinct lack of exercise which only adds to the problem and can lead to an increase in body fat. It’s not surprising that people in this situation are not motivated to exercise as the more weight the body carries, the more effort is needed to exercise.

Since the research on hot tubs has been carried out, many people in this situation now have an alternative way of losing weight just by relaxing in a hot tub for around 30 minutes a day. It’s certainly an easier option for many than the effort it takes to actually get out there and exercise.

Many people have also gone on to reducing their dose of insulin each day which is good news for many, however some may argue that there is a danger of burning the legs and feet of a diabetic person as nerve damage is common with this disease. The way to avoid this is just common sense; check the temperature before climbing in then the danger can be avoided.

All in all, hot tubs (our favourite models are those from www.vitaspa.co.uk) have a wealth of uses however one of the most under-acknowledged is the use in treating type 2 diabetes!