How Neighbors in Elgin Can Create Addiction Resources for Their Community

When First Lady Betty Ford admitted she overcame a personal struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, it illuminated a dark corner in American society: despite what the media wanted to portray, people of any socioeconomic background can struggle with substance abuse.  Thirty years later we find that still, too often, families of addicts shoulder a heavy burden and harbor a private pain.  The feelings of failure, the private shame are often borne alone.  As research continues on the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction, an opportunity arises for communities like Elgin: neighbors and groups can create addiction resources in their own community such as referring their loved ones to a drug rehabilitation Elgin for drug and alcohol recovery.

What neighbors can do in the fight against drugs

The first step if you witness any drug-related incident: report it!  Though citizens often express frustration if police do not take immediate action, the truth is that your report may become part of a larger operation and play a key role in the local fight against drugs.  Police may not be able to act on every report, or seek every user, but smoking out dealers and drug operations may result from a single report.

If someone you know abuses drugs, report it! You may first choose to approach the user, if you wish, but don’t be disparaged if you are shrugged off or even scorned.  Make your own report.  Friends and family often down want to turn in their loved ones, but your report could very well be the first step on the road to an addict’s recovery. You can also offer them a drug rehab Elgin for support and recovery for their drug addiction. Where you make your report often depends on the substance abused.  Alcohol abuse is not illegal, but a report to your church officials may lead to care for the user.  Abuse of or dependency on prescription drugs can be reported to the patient’s doctor.  Use of illegal drugs can be reported to officials.

Activate a neighborhood care plan! The effects of drugs impair judgment and users need a safe place to sleep.  Just as many communities are creating safe beds for victims of abuse or shelters for the homeless, drug users need safe beds.  A safe space, without judgment, through local churches or other appropriate places, may provide a warm night.  Though the user may not wake and choose to get medical care or go through addiction recovery at the substance addiction Elgin, at least the user will be unlikely to overdose or freeze to death on the streets.  Who knows, you might even just provide the kindness needed for an addict to seek appropriate care.