Laser Therapy As One Of The Best Psychotherapy Solutions

Laser is one of the fastest methods applied in modern medicine today, and it is accepted in many medical branches, as an irreplaceable tool. is one of the many places where you can find laser therapy. The history starts from 1917 by Albert Einstein and his hypothesis of an inducer that shown through Mejman in 1960.  The new invention patented the laser. The word “laser” is an abbreviation of “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”.

The laser is irreplaceable in many medical branches such as surgery, physical medicine, traumatology, dermatology, cosmetics…. Lasers in the medical institutions are called soft and hard which means lasers with low and high power. High power lasers have found their application in surgery, while low-power lasers are primarily used in physical medicine, whichvery interesting for many people. The strength of the laser, the output power of the laser beam wavelength, the energy of the radiation, the focus of the laser radiation, the total energy of the laser radiation and mode of operation (continuous or pulse) determine the effects of the application of laser and must be accurate in practice.

The performance of the laser in physiotherapy:

Biological changes occurring inside during laser therapy are therefore not only giving an effect of relaxation, but they offer a solution to many problems which consists in changing the metabolic activities that last for up to a month. The laser beam can produce the effect of inhibition or stimulation of the local cellular area, so weak stimuli can provoke physiological activity stimulating moderate, strong and very strong reaction.
Higher density causes destructive effect and a smaller bio stimulation. In reflex – therapeutic stimulation of certain biologically active point of the skin the laser initiates a processes for the synthesis of other biologically active substances that have calming effect, releases pain, inflammatory and regulatory properties. This type of therapy stimulates cell growth, heals bone tissue, and stimulates cell regeneration of nerve cells.

It stimulates the activity of tissues: it changes the content of prostaglandins, an increased content of specific enzymes. It reduces the ability of lymphocytes to interact with the antigen stimulus and increases regeneration of lymph vessels and veins. Laser therapy reduces the appearance of fibrous tissue (burns and surgical wounds). Stimulates nerve function.

These are some of the most important things that should be known about laser therapy. It is one of the most beneficial types of physiotherapy that is being used by many doctors and it helped lots of people to gain their health back and be able to move normally.

After some trauma or accident, people end up having problems with their legs or arms, and they require a help of real professionals such as physiotherapists. With the help of the right treatment which can be laser therapy, the patient can recover completely and live their lives normally.

This types of treatments require patient and willingness to work on the problem. With a faith and positive thinking everything can be achieved.