Why Do People Use Copper In Compression Sleeves?

In the past couple of years there has been an explosion of people buying and companies selling copper infused compression sleeves.

You can find these new popular compression garments in Walgreens, Walmart, on Amazon, at Dicks Sporting Goods, and the list goes on.

So what;s the point of people putting copper in compression sleeves, gloves, shorts, and almost every other wearable brace and garment you can think of?

Well the answer is simple really. People want it and so these companies make it…

Now of course that’s not the answer you’re looking for and the truth is that the reasons people seem to want it have only some scientific merit.

Let’s start with what people seem to think these garments do but please let the record reflect that I have not used these products and make no claim as to the effectiveness of them.

People seem to think that copper helps them with all sorts of pain relief though. Look around the internet to see what people are saying about how their arthritis or their sore joints or other sorts of issues were improved by wearing copper compression sleeves and you’re sure to find tons of people that are happy with these products. Having worked closely with a company that makes them myself I’ve seen testimonials of people that rave about copper compression braces, gloves, sleeves, etc.

So people seem to think they work to relieve all sorts of things.

However… the most recent scientific study that I have seen published online says that compression has some merit in the way of giving support to muscles and joints. Nothing conclusive about healing properties. The quote from the abstract of that study I will share is this:

“…results suggest that the application of compression clothing may aid in the recovery of exercise induced muscle damage, although the findings need corroboration.”

So for the compression side of things… seems pretty good.

Now for the copper thing, and I think most people are really drawn to the copper thing for these products.

If you look for any sort of scientific and I stress scientific study about what copper is good for you will not likely find anything about it’s ability to heal anything. If there’s some study out there that I’m missing I invite you… please let me know because I want to see it and am open to be wrong on this.

What you will find if you search for a scientific study is that copper has antimicrobial properties and the biggest potential benefit we can see here is for those that don’t want to wash their compression sleeves for running or whatever other workout they have planned every time they use them.


Because copper seems to cut down odor causing bacteria (remember it has antimicrobial properties).

So boys and girls… why is the copper in those compression garments?

Mainly because people believe that it helps them with some stuff that science can’t corroborate.

Does it have any benefits outside of that? It sure does seem like a ton of people seem to think so even after using it?

Really then it’s kinda up to you to decide.

To check out the company that claims to have the maximum available copper in their compression sleeves check out what seems to be the most popular of the compression sleeves… the copper compression knee sleeves