Sciatic Nerve Pain: What Is It And How Can It Be Remedied?

You may be experiencing back pain every time you lift heavy objects. You may be an athlete who experiences frequent back pain after every game played. Back pains may be associated with nerve pains but it may also be associated with strain in the back muscles. Back pains should never be set aside easily if you feel them more often. You may need to see a doctor to know if you need a medication or need a physical therapy to stop the pain in your back.

Back pains may be interrelated with sciatic nerve pain. This type of nerve pain is the result when the sciatic nerve is pressed by a herniated muscle. Below are some of the basic facts about this pain in the sciatic nerve.

Basic Facts about the Pain in the Sciatic Nerve

  • This pain accompanies a lower back pain that starts from the lower back down to the buttocks towards the leg and the foot. This is caused by the herniation of the lumbar disc in the root of the sciatic nerve.
  • This pain in the sciatic nerve is commonly experienced by people who already have a history of frequent lower back pain. When this pain becomes chronic, the patient can feel the pain even when he stands, sits, sneezes, or has a bowel movement. The person will only feel comfortable through lying down.
  • This pain is caused by the inflammation of the nerve root while common back pains are caused by muscle strain. Do not think that all back pains are nerve pains.
  • A doctor can check if you are suffering to nerve pains through doing nerve root tension tests. When the doctor diagnoses that you are suffering a pain in the sciatic nerve, he may recommend that you take a week’s rest and avoid strenuous physical activities. Your doctor may give you anti-inflammatory medications and suggest that you undergo physical therapy sessions to hasten the healing of the pain.

The Proper Way to Address Pain

Taking painkillers every time you suffer from pain is not advisable. Instead of relying on these drugs, you should discover another method to relieve your pain. You can ask a doctor about this. He can recommend HF10 therapy for you and tell you what changes in your lifestyle you should make. This therapy is a revolutionary way of relieving pain as it works by implanting a device on the spinal column in order to block pain sensors. HF10 therapy is a minimally invasive procedure and one can avail of a trial method before deciding to permanently have it.