Symptoms and causes of kidney stones

More people are being inflicted with the unbearable pain caused by stones in the kidney these days. Such a case can turn severe if proper help is not sought at the proper time. One needs to go through a thorough treatment procedure that includes medications and strict restrictions in diet. The treatment can be prolonged or short depending on various issues, such as the size of the kidney stones or the severity of the whole case. If the condition gets worse, one may have to go through a surgical procedure that is comparatively less painful and quicker in getting rid of kidney stones.

In order to treat kidney stones effectively, one should know what type of stone has accumulated in the kidney. This will help you to know the root causes of having them in the first place.

What are the possible reasons of getting kidney stones?

The most common cause of formulation of  kidney stones  is the diet of the patient. Different elements and minerals in the body may contribute to the whole process of stones forming and getting accumulated in the kidney, such as oxalate, protein and bacteria containing ammonia compounds. Oxalate is found in most fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, caffeinated drinks and even chocolate, with high contents in some of them. While one may not be able to cut down completely on oxalate, it is better to avoid those edibles that have a high content of it present in them. Oxalate can combine with the calcium and settle in the kidney. Excessive intake of protein generates the production of uric acid in the body which also results in kidney stones. Other than this, dehydration due to sweating excessively is also a potent factor that leads to kidney stones as there is less water in the body to regulate the whole urinary system, providing stone-causing minerals to get deposited easily. Some types of kidney stones are formed due to some hereditary problems as well. Urología Médica Monterrey can guide you more on the subject.

How do you know you have stones in the first place?

Well, the symptoms of kidney stones may not be apparent initially, but when they do, they are quite obvious. The first symptom is extreme pain that the patient feels in the sides, lower abdomen and slightly towards the back where the kidneys are situated in the body. The act of urination will also become a whole lot troublesome and painful and one may witness small stones in the urine.