Why Is Back Pain So Common?

Back pain seems to be one of the most prevalent physical issues that people experience. There are a lot of reasons why people have back pain, but why do they even experience it at all? Many reasons can be considered and will be indicated here. Statistics indicate that up to 85 per cent of people suffer from some form of back pain that they seek out treatment to relieve. Unfortunately, once you have experienced a serious back injury you are at higher risk of experiencing it again.

As humans, we walk on two feet instead of four. That is a primary reason that humans as a species have such trouble with our backs. Impact of walking on hard surfaces, running, and other activities put a strain on the back. In addition, the way that people lift and carry things causes back pain.

The right technique to lifting to help avoiding back pain problem

Technique in lifting and carrying has a lot to do with back pain. Most people will bend at the waist to lift heavy objects, putting unnecessary strain on the lower back. Carrying heavy objects in front of a body can also cause strain on the lower back. The body contorts to accommodate the heavy objects, creating unnatural bends to the spine.

Unnatural contortion of the body can create stress and strain on the muscles and disks of the back. If you are engaged in work related activities that put you at risk, be certain to relax and breathe while engaging in your activities. Men and women whose work requires crawling in small spaces or otherwise twisting into small or confined spaces can become victims of back strain due to the unnatural bend to the spine.

Poor blood circulation can be a cause of back pain

Physiological factors that offer explanation for why humans suffer from back pain involve the circulation of blood. After a person reaches adulthood, around 30, there is relatively no blood supply being offered to the disks of the spine. Due to this, there is little to no regenerative ability and any injury that occurs does not get the proper internal help to completely heal. Therefore, prior back trauma or injury can be exacerbated as a person continues the same poor practices, injuring their spine again.

Don’t ignore stress!

Stress is another large factor in back pain. When a person is stressed their mind takes over and causes muscles to tighten and contract. A muscle that is not given the opportunity to do its job creates a negative impact on the spine. Back strain is much easier to encounter in a person who is suffering from psychological trouble like depression, anxiety, or phobia (fear).

Not only are phobias a cause of fear, however. People who have a fear of injury due to an activity they are engaged in can harm themselves by not relaxing. If a person tries a new physical behaviour, race car driving, extreme water sports, dancing, or other activities that your body is not accustomed do, you may become apprehensive, causing temporary stress and tightening of muscles and tendons. When this happens the backbone can become the recipient of unintended misalignment or injury.

There are many chiropractors and osteopaths in London & Surrey that can help educate patients and individuals on the risks that they can avoid. Speak to an expert today!

Knowing the activities and physical limitations of being a human being can keep you better informed. Make certain you wear appropriate footwear and back supports whenever you are able to. Follow proper safety instructions involving the ways to carry and lift heavy objects and avoid traumatic stress injury to your body and you will be able to reduce, but not eliminate the potential for back pain and trauma.