4 Essential Pain Management Tips

Whether you are old or young, fit and healthy or guilty of a few bad habits, pain can affect people from all walks of life and strike any area of the body. The back, neck and shoulders are particularly vulnerable and even everyday tasks can take their toll on the body. Those who are also regular exercisers, disabled or recovering from injury may also have to deal with their fair share of pain.

Knowing how to manage pain is essential, take a look at our top four tips and find relief from temporary or permanent painful conditions.

Take a deep breath

As well as distracting yourself with stimulating activities, concentrating on your breathing patterns can provide quick and easy relief. Resisting your urges to breath fast and shallow when in pain is important, instead breathe slow and deep to prevent further tension and anxiety.

Change your lifestyle

By altering everyday essentials like exercise and even sleeping you can actively manage pain and prevent further complications developing. Increasing the mobility of your joints and bones through gentle exercise is a worthwhile step, whilst getting a good night’s sleep can help people with chronic or acute pain. Depriving yourself of sleep can actually worsen pain.

Book in with your physio

Physiotherapy offers a number of manual techniques to manage pain effectively for those suffering from an illness, condition or injury. Your physiotherapist will build a bespoke plan for your needs so you can manage and relieve painful symptoms.

Ask for help

As well as having your london on speed dial, there are other resources that can be approached to ensure you have the information you need to manage pain. The NHS offer free self-management training courses for people living with chronic conditions, whilst counselling can also be sought to deal with the emotional side of your painful symptoms.

Special mention and thanks to Mike Squirrell at www.londonphysio.co.uk