6 Essential Things That You Should Do When Involved In Car Accident

Did you know that its almost six to seven million of road and car accidents happen per year all over the United States? But the good thing is, most of them only damages property and only a few deals significant damage including fatal injuries or death of a person. Even if you are a defensive driver by nature, some people drive carelessly on the road, which can still take you by surprise.

If you are a driver and you own a car, then it is imperative to know some basics on what to do whenever you get involved in a vehicular accident. In this article, we are going to discuss six essential things that one should be aware of, especially when involved in a car accident.

Do Not Leave the Scene

This is something that most people don’t do since they are probably scared of what could possibly happen next. However, leaving the scene will only put yourself in serious trouble since authorities might charge you with a hit-and-run violation. 

Immediately Call the Authorities

Whether it be the police or 911, it is vital that you make the call quickly and report the incident. No matter who caused the accident, either you or the other party involved, reporting the incident immediately in a wise move even if there are no fatal injuries and only minimal damage. 

Thoroughly Check Your Passengers and Yourself 

If you have someone or people with you in the car, check them carefully for any possible wounds and injuries. Ask for immediate assistance whether by calling the police or asking help from the people nearby, especially if your passengers are hurt and if you have kids. Also, don’t forget to check yourself from any injuries as well.

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Be Calm and Cooperate 

If you are able and can talk with the other party, then be calm and get essential information about them such as their names, address and contact number. When authorities arrive, make sure to tell them accurate information about what happened. Be Honest and avoid telling them speculations or misstate any of the facts, let them do the investigation and the conclusion of the incident.

Make Sure to Take Photographs

As part of collecting information, make sure also to take pictures of the accident. However, it is also advisable not to move or touch anything from the scene. Take a photo on every side and every angle of the scene, your car and the other party’s car. If there are visible injuries, make sure to document it also. You can use these pictures for legal purposes in the future.

Be Responsible

In the event that you are the culprit of the accident, and let’s say because of drunk driving. Be responsible and face possible charges such as DWI or DUI. In this case, you’re going to need

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Vehicular accidents can happen anytime, so always keep in mind those things mentioned above so you can always come prepared.