Best Ways to Treat Varicose Veins

Treating varicose veins used to be a one-option choice. There weren’t great treatment options available. Most people really took into consideration how badly the veins were affecting their lifestyle before they decided whether or not they were going to go through with the procedure. While the procedure did a good job of removing the veins, it was not a fun recovery process. The process was painful and required a great amount of down time followed by quite a bit of time in lovely socks to help compress the veins while the new blood flow patterns were established. Today there are much better varicose vein treatment options and we want to explain some of them to you in case you are considering having your varicose veins treated.


Venaseal is one of the newest and hottest treatment options for treating varicose veins. Many people have chosen for years to not treat their vein disorders because the recovery was unappealing as mentioned above. Venaseal provides a quick recovery for people! In fact, you can walk out of the office and continue your regular exercise the next day. Of course, they suggest to not start heavy lifting as it stresses the veins, but if you want to go for a run you are more than welcome. The treatment is done by injecting a glue like substance into the affected veins. The glue seals off the affected vein and encourage the blood to find a new route. The new veins will take over and the unsightly vein will be absorbed by your body.


Sclerotherapy is not as quick of a process as Venaseal, but is a good option for people whose insurance will not cover the Venaseal treatment. Sclerotherapy is done by injecting a foaming solution into the affected vein. The solution is injected with a very small needle so it does not mean a lot of pain is going to be felt. Once the foam enters the vein it will cause a reaction and the vein will start to shrink. However, this is not a one time solves all issues treatment option.

You will need to have a few different treatments before the vein is completely closed off. Each time the solution is injected the vein will start to decrease in size and the blood will find a new vein to flow into. After a few treatments, you should see great results. This does require you to stay down a bit longer than Venaseal, but you should not feel pain.


EVLT is the most invasive of these three options. During EVLT a small fiber will be inserted inside of the vein. The fiver carries a small light that emits energy that closes off the vein that is effected. Some people choose to be given medication to help ease their nerves. If you choose the medication, you will need to have a ride home as you may still be a little bit loopy. You will also need to wear compression socks for a few weeks after the procedure to help keep the new veins transporting the blood throughout your legs well.