Generation 2 Sm-165 Is One In All Solution For Your Vitals

The technology has advanced to the extent that even our vitals can be tracked in a matter of minutes. With the highly competitive world and extremely demanding schedule of lives, people have ignored their health leading to high probabilities of health and fitness issues. Consequences of which are increased suffering from the diseases and thus the increased need of devices that can track your fitness and look for health issues, if any. The science has thus given another device to athletes, pilots, and even the common people (for trekking and mountain climbing) to have easy access to the super smart and highly portable machines to keep a strict check on their vitals.

Santamedical Generation 2 SM-165 is one best example of technology at its best. The device is the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter to measure the pulse rates along with the blood oxygen saturation. The device allows you to take the readings by an incredible finger clamp that is made in such a way that it is self-adjusting. The finger clamp has a design of one-button for easy usage. The size of the device makes it the best for portability and can even be carried during the long journeys. It is also best for handling without any difficulty and the material used to manufacture the device makes it highly unbreakable.

The Santamedical Generation 2 SM-165 is specifically designed for the athletes and pilots to monitor their vitals due to their activity. This device keeps a regular check on their blood oxygen saturation and pulse rates keeping them alert about their health and showing any signs of illness in the future and present to carry out the job responsibilities in the best way possible. The device has the auto power off feature to switch the device off automatically when it is not in use for acertain period.And the device is programmed to work for more than 30 hours continuously, and when the level of the battery is low, there is an indicator installed to indicate the need to charge the device for further continuous usage.

The Santamedical Generation 2 SM-165 comes in a package having the Santamedical Generation 2 Sm-165 device, hanging wrist/neck strap, 2 AAA batteries for charging, and a case. The device is great for checking the vitals on the spot like during the sports, recreational uses, mountain climbing, running, and the high-altitude activities. The material used to manufacture the product makes it highly portable, and one can carry the device along with him/her for vacations in the mountain region, or during the athletic or sports competition.

Santamedical Generation 2 Sm-165 is approved by FDA and is one of the best devices for quickly and accurately measuring the arterial hemoglobin’s blood oxygen saturation and the pulse rates. The rotational display is OLED to enable easy reading of the results. The device comes with the one year warranty and customer service to cater to your concerns, needs, and queries.