Visiting a Private Sexual Health Clinic

Looking after your sexual health is now an important part of maintaining your wider health and well-being. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have a significant impact on many people’s lives, whether they have contracted an infection that is solved with a simple course of medication or an ailment that has longer term effects.

Visiting an STD clinic is no longer a taboo but still many people simply do not know what to expect from their visit. Here we offer an essential guide to visiting a private sexual health clinic so you can attend your next appointment with confidence.

What tests can I expect?

By going private you can access a superior level of testing, meaning you receive a comprehensive service and a clear view of the bigger picture of your sexual health.

Thanks to a full screening you can be tested for a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases, including gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomonas, urinary tract infections, genital ulcers, rashes, warts, HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B or C. The HPV swab is particularly inclusive as it tests for 20 subtypes of the human papilloma virus to ensure you receive an accurate result every time.

How soon will I receive the results?

Again private testing ensures there is not long to wait before you receive the results from all the tests you have undergone. The majority of STD blood test results are available within four hours, whilst swab test results can be processed in up to three days. The finger-prick test for HIV is super fast, providing results in just 60 seconds.

What happens next?

“Once we have received your results these will be provided to you with further advice on treatment. A selection of treatment options, including medication, are prescribed in-house, so that recovery can begin immediately.” Dr Malik Harley Street GP