How Does A Speech And Voice Therapy Work And Who Can Be A Therapist?

Do the adults have speech and language disorders too?

Speech and language disorders are common child problems. But there are also adults who have problems to express themselves. They are often ashamed of the situation they are in and afraid to ask for a help. If you or someone you know has a similar problem, ask for a help from a professional speech clinic like You can find so many speech clinic out there but as long as you are willing to ask for a help, the problem can be solved very quickly.

The speech and language problems are considered as problems caused by stress or some kind of emotional trauma. These disorders include:

Speech disorders

  • Voice disorders – This is one of the most common problems when it comes to speech disorders. The person who experiences these issues has problems with the quality of voice they produce such as the pitch or the volume. People with such problems are often being mocked which makes the situation even worse.
  • Fluency disorders – Another type of speech problems is the fluency disorders. You probably know what that means but keep reading just to be sure. The fluency disorders often occur because of a physical injury or an emotional trauma. People with fluency disorders have repetitions and stoppages that are not normal.
  • Oral disorders – These type of disorders include problems with swallowing and eating.

Language disorders

Language disorders are different from the speech disorders and there are only two types of language disorders which includes having problems to understand a certain language or having problems to put the words in a sentence. Both ways are treatable with a proper language therapy provided by a professional therapist.

Speech and language specialists / therapists

These professionals are known as pathologists and therapists. They are professionally educated and certified to be able to treat people with such condition. Can you trust language and speech therapists? Of course you can. These are the only people that can help you, someone you know or your child. With the proper therapy and the constant visiting the problem will be solved and the person will be back to normal. The therapist will work with the child in small groups, alone or in a room with more people who have the same problem. Their strategies are extremely effective and always bring positive results. It includes playing games with the person that involve simulating the speech and the language skills of that person.  The exercises include making the person feel comfortable to produce sounds and teaching them how to speak properly. The games are educative and fun for the person who is in therapy. Besides that, these therapies often include facial massages and body exercise so that the person can relax and feel much better. Consider visiting a speech and voice therapist immediately, this may change your life forever.