Side Effects Of Consuming Laxatives For Weight Loss

Health reports published in an online journal revealed that 2/3 of the people are obese in the developed countries. These reports surprised many people around the world and it is like an alarming situation. The reason responsible is unhealthy calories and junk food items. The more we develop accessories to help us in our daily live, the more we are staying away from physical activity. Unhealthy eating habits and minimized physical activity is responsible to make people overweight. Majority of these people are likely to face health complications in their life. Accumulated belly fat or sagging bottom line is a common problem and every one of us are striving to get rid of this. People want to transform their body and they want to look like their ideal, which they see in TV programs. Constantly watching well-toned bodies on television increases their desire to achieve the same body. This makes them think of consuming weight loss products. The problem starts when they start taking it three times a day without considering their negative effects on health.

Nowadays, health forums have seen a significant rise in the members because of increasing health awareness. You will see that discussions about weight loss are going on in multiple threads. Let me tell you negative effects of laxatives so that you will keep a distance from them.

Understanding laxatives

Laxativesare used to regulate the bowel movement. There are several laxatives available in the market and most of them are habit-forming. Doctorssuggest to takelaxativesfor a defined period of time because body starts consuming them. If five 5 ml dose is sufficient for you, then after a couple of days you have to increase the dose. This is because your body will not pass the stool and you need to increase it. In order to regulate your bowel movement, you can opt for non-habit forming laxatives. Long use of laxatives minimizes the consumption of essential items to your body. Body will absorb vitamins and minerals from the food, but when you will consume laxatives without any requirement, it will disturb the chemistry of your intestines.

Disadvantages of laxatives

Here are a couple of problems you may encounter while using the laxatives for a longer duration.

Stomach pain

People who suggest consuming laxatives also say that you cannot gain without pain. I must say that they are ill informed because you are depriving your body to consume essential nutrients from the food. At the same time, you are responsible for causing nutritional deficiency in your body. You need to stay away from using laxatives for weight loss.


You cannot perform in your weight training or any of the physical activity if you are not properly hydrated. The fluid in your body will come out and you cannot replenish it. Along with dehydration, your metabolic rate will also slow down. This will make you gain weight rather than losing it.

Nausea and vomiting

Regular consumption of laxatives may bring nausea and vomiting. Continuous nausea feeling will derail your weight loss process. Before taking it three times a day, consult your physical instructor about its frequency of use.