The ‘Safe Brace’ Campaign Launches Guiding Patients To Safer Dental Treatments

The new ‘Safe Brace’ campaign has been launched to help educate the general public on choosing safer methods of orthodontic dental treatments. This is a collaborative campaign launched by the Oral Health Foundation and British Orthodontic Society over rising concerns about new DIY teeth straightening braces for home use.

It is hoped that the general UK public can be made aware of the need for trusted and expert orthodontic treatment from trained dentists, such as the team at Glow Dental, Battersea.

You may have seen a swathe of new adverts across all media platforms for direct-to-consumer orthodontic treatments, such as braces and aligners that you can use to treat yourself at home.

The risks involved with DIY orthodontics

One of the main concerns over the rise in these DIY treatments is the lack of face-to-face patient contact with a proper dentist, which the General Dental Council thinks should be a critical part of any orthodontic treatment to make the right clinical decisions.

There is a growing concern amongst dental professionals that essential steps are being omitted with DIY orthodontics that can result in disaster for the patient using these self-treatments. Namely, the need for in-person appointments with a trained professional to check that nothing is going wrong and to spot issues before they become a serious problem.

Professional intervention is needed for success

There seems to be a huge growth at the moment in online companies offering orthodontic treatments without the need to actually see the patient in person. Customers are being lured in by cheap prices and the false promise of swift, positive results.

The problem is that only a trained dentist or orthodontist can undertake the often complex procedures involved in straightening teeth safely and comfortably. This is why face-to-face appointments with an orthodontic dentist that is trained and professionally qualified to undertake these procedures are the most guaranteed way of getting the results you desire.

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Full oral health assessments

Only in-person with face-to-face examinations can you be sure that you can be properly assessed for orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will be able to give your a thorough oral examination to make sure that you don’t have any hidden underlying issues that will need addressing with appropriate treatments before you can safely undergo any orthodontic procedures.

This is the only way you are going to know what the most appropriate treatment is for your individual needs. You will also need to have constant assessments of your progress throughout your treatment period, so adjustments can be made to your appliance to ensure everything is going according to plan.

With these online DIY orthodontic treatments, you get none of these personalised services. This is why the ‘Safe Brace’ campaign is hoped to better inform a potential orthodontic patient to take the safest and effective route by working with a trained orthodontic dentist, such as Glow Dental, Battersea.

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